Unitary Fund, a non-profit that provides $4000 grants to projects that help develop the quantum technology ecosystem has added another benefit for those who receive awards. Awardees will now be able to enjoy increased access to the IBM Q infrastructure to perform their research. The increased access will include:

  • A larger share of the queue on open IBM Quantum systems.
  • Access to additional, non-open systems. These systems are more advanced than the open systems and generally have more qubits and better gate fidelities.
  • The ability to book dedicated time on a system

Many of the awardees are individuals, students or others who may not normally be able to obtain this increased access. So this benefit should help with their research efforts with access to more powerful systems and more convenience when submitting their quantum program jobs. For more, you can view the blog announcement on the Unitary Fund website here.

November 27, 2020