Qiskit Metal Screen Shots, Credit: IBM

Back in October, we wrote about a new program called Qiskit Metal that IBM had in beta test. This program is an open source electronic design automation software for superconducting quantum computer chips. The program allows someone to design and simulate these chips using a graphical user interface. It includes a built-in component library and also the ability to interface with various electronic simulators, such as Ansys, to model the device and predict such parameters as qubit frequencies, anharmonicities, couplings, and dissipation. The software is now being opened up to the public for other researchers and students to learn how to create or improve their own superconducting qubits and associated couplers. The program is still in an early stage and we expect IBM to continue improving it in the future. For additional information about this program, you can view a Medium article announcing the software’s availability here, a web page with more technical detail and where one can get started here, and an arXiv paper that describes how the program implements some of the modelling here.

March 20, 2021