IBM Quantum System Two. Credit: IBM

Korean Quantum Computing (KQC) has served as an IBM Quantum Innovation Center since 2022 and provides access to IBM’s fleet of quantum computers over the cloud to Korean customers. IBM has now announced with KQC that they will install an IBM Quantum Systems Two processor on-site at KQC’s facility in Busan, Korea by 2028. In that time frame, we would expect the processor to be part of the IBM Flamingo family which has 156 qubits per processor module with support for up to 7 modules. As part of KQC’s engagement with IBM, they will also offer access to IBM’s most advanced AI software and infrastructure, including watsonx. KQC has been actively working to expand quantum research with organizations in the financial, bio-healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors. Korean companies they have been working with include Hanlim Pharmaceutical Co. for drug discovery and DNEURO for financial applications. A press release provided by IBM announcing this expanded collaboration is available here.

January 29, 2024