Sofia Tech Park, a state-owned company, that aims to boost the development of research, innovation and technological capabilities of Bulgaria has reached an agreement with InfinityQ to install InfinityQ’s quantum-analog computing module with the petascale supercomputer Discoverer. This will provide access to Bulgarian and other European researchers so they can investigate how this technology can be used to perform scientific calculations in areas such as molecular dynamics, physics, engineering problems and others.

InfinityQ has taken a unique approach for creating a processing chip. Their technology has similarities to the transmon qubits one would see in a superconducting approach except that the Josephson junction is replaced by proprietary CMOS analog circuitry to provide superposition effects. The chip is built with a standard CMOS process, runs at room temperature, and InfinityQ says it is insensitive to noise. They also indicate their chip has the equivalent of over 100 qubits and provides all-to-all connectivity, but that does not provide universal gate based functionality. InfinityQ will providing specific solvers for their chip that will cover such applications as the Black-Scholes financial option model, Monte Carlo simulation, traveling salesperson problem, etc.

For more on this announcement, you can view the news release available on the Sofia Tech Park website here.