Infleqtion announced today that it has acquired both SiNoptiq Inc. and Morton Photonics Inc. Both companies work in the area of photonics. SiNoptiq has developed a ultra-low loss silicon nitride platform while Morton Photonics develops advanced silicon photonics-based component and sub-system technologies. These products can have significant use in quantum sensors, quantum networks, and quantum computers. SiNoptiq is located in Santa Barbara, California and was founded in December 2022. Morton Photonics was formed in 2002 and has locations in Palm Bay, Florida and Santa Barbara, California. In addition to the product lines and the people from these companies, Infleqtion will also be acquiring 40 foundational patents associated with their technologies.

Infleqtion will be establishing a Photonics Research Center in Santa Barbara and former SiNoptiq CEO Dr. Dan Blumenthal will be the Chief Photonics Architect there. Also, Dr. Paul Morton will be the Vice-President and General Manager of the Infleqtion research center. Both gentlemen are well-recognized researchers within the photonics community. These will be the second and third acquisitions that Infleqtion has made in the past couple of years. In May 2022, they acquired software company which is located in Chicago.

Infleqtion has issued a press release announcing the acquisitions which can be accessed here.

January 29, 2024