Infleqtion, a leading quantum information company, has been chosen by Japan’s Science and Technology Agency for the Quantum Moonshot program, positioning itself as the sole foreign quantum computing partner. This collaboration signifies a groundbreaking moment for Infleqtion’s quantum computing platform. Working under the guidance of Professor Kenji Ohmori, a global authority in ultrafast atom control for quantum computing, Infleqtion will contribute to the development of a large-scale, fault-tolerant quantum computer based on atomic qubits. Professor Ohmori’s recent achievement of an ultrafast 2-qubit gate between single atoms has dramatically accelerated the operation of neutral atom quantum computers.

The Quantum Moonshot program aims to advance Japan’s technological landscape and transform its economy, industry, and security by 2050. Infleqtion, known for its neutral atom quantum computing platform, brings years of expertise to the program, offering a scalable solution with high-quality qubits. Notably, neutral atom technology exhibits exceptional coherence times, robust connectivity, scalability, and reduced complexity in comparison to other modalities.

Professor Ohmori expresses anticipation in leveraging Infleqtion’s expertise to push the boundaries of quantum computing, marking a significant advancement for Japan. Scott Faris, CEO of Infleqtion, acknowledges the honor in contributing to Japan’s Quantum Moonshot program, emphasizing the transformative potential of this collaboration. This marks a pivotal moment for Infleqtion’s quantum computing platform, with the partnership promising to achieve new heights in quantum capabilities for Japan.

For additional information, you can access a press release the company has provided here.

December 20, 2023