As part of the £15 Million awards provided by the UK’s Quantum Catalyst program funded by the Department for Science, Innovation and Technology (DSIT) and Innovate UK (IUK), Infleqtion and QinetiQ with additional partners will be pursuing research that used contextual AI for long range correlations. The involves using recent work in a property called quantum contextuality to draw long range correlations from large sets of data such as multiple frames of images from a security camera, sentiment analysis of a large number of social media posts, or data from multiple sensors. The goal is to find ways that a quantum algorithm can process this type of data when it become too much for a classical algorithm to handle. The initial award to this company is for a relatively brief phase 1 to show that this research direction has promise with the companies working to be able to move on to phase 2 after the funders have had a chance to view the phase 1 results. From the Infleqtion side, this work will be performed by the Infleqtion software team with the intent to provide algorithms which are hardware agnostic.

Infleqtion has had significant recent success in winning awards from the UK government. In addition to this Q-CALC program they also won Quantum Catalyst awards for a program called “CQINS: Continuous Quantum Inertial Navigation Systems” as well as another Quantum Catalyst program called “Q-GEO – Quantum Gravimetry for Earth Observation”. In July of this year, they also won another Innovate UK award from a different program called “QECCO – Quantum End-to-end Compilation for Combinatorial Optimisation”. Infleqtion has issued a press release announcing the award for Q-CALC which can be found here.

October 5, 2023