Qiskit, an open source quantum programming platform developed by IBM, now has an IonQ backend that will allow users to run Qiskit programs on an IonQ ion trap quantum computer. Qiskit is one of the world’s most widely used quantum programming platforms with over 320,000 registered users. So these users will now be able to run many of their existing Qiskit programs with minimal modification greatly extending IonQ’s potential user base. Currently, this capability is available for use on IonQ’s 11 qubit system directly through IonQ’s cloud platform. It is not available for those trying to access the IonQ machine through the AWS Braket or the Microsoft Azure cloud services nor is it available yet for use with IonQ’s 32 qubit ion trap computer. Additional information about the Qiskit support for IonQ’s quantum computer can be found in a news release here, a Getting Started guide here and the GitHub repository here.

April 13, 2021