IQM Processor Example

IQM has a different commercialization strategy than most of the other quantum hardware companies. They are focusing on application specific processors co-designed with the software applications in mind to provide the optimal solution for that application. In addition, they are focusing on provide quantum computers for on-premise installations primarily for European customers instead of remote use over the cloud. They feel that this approach will allow them to provide better solutions for customers versus general purpose quantum computers that must be accessed over the internet to a cloud installation that may be far away.

The types of customization that they can do can include create specific topologies optimized for a program, defining specific gate sets, and even provide for a third level of qubit (i.e. Qutrits) that can be used to reduce the number of qubits needed to implement an algorithm. IQM will leverage additional proprietary features of their technology including an on-chip reset capability for faster qubit resets, digital-analog schemes for replacing cascaded two-qubit gate sequences, high fidelity continuous gates and a patented multi-channel readout mechanism to reduce readout times by over 20%. Although the customization approach will require different chips for each application, IQM has developed automated process flows that can reduce the amount of resources needed to achieve this customization.

This latest announcement is to create a new subsidiary in Bilboa, Spain with the support of the Basque local administration via Provincial Council of Bizkaia and the Bilbao City Hall and will also be able to leverage quantum expertise available at the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EUU) in Bilbao. The subsidiary will work as a co-design hub for quantum finance applications and will work closely with IQM’s headquarters in Helsinki and also IQM’s German subsidiary in Munich. For more details about IQM’s new Spanish subsidiary you can view the press announcement describing it on the IQM website here.

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July 2, 2021