Quantum Computer at Osaka University

A groundbreaking collaboration led by the Center for Quantum Information and Quantum Biology at Osaka University has successfully unveiled Japan’s third superconducting quantum computer. Partnering with key institutions such as RIKEN, NTT Corporation, and Amazon Web Services, and a consortium including e-trees.Japan, Inc., Fujitsu Limited, QuEL, Inc., QunaSys Inc., and Systems Engineering Consultants Co.,LTD, the consortium leveraged a 64-qubit chip from RIKEN, showcasing a commitment to utilize Japanese domestic components. Set to be accessible via cloud services starting December 22, 2023, this achievement marks a significant stride in quantum computing accessibility.

This quantum leap positions the research team, featuring luminaries like Dr. Masahiro Kitagawa (Osaka University), Dr. Makoto Negoro (Osaka University), Dr. Yasunobu Nakamura (Riken), Dr. Shintaro Sato (Fujitsu), and others, to explore quantum algorithms, enhance software operations, and remotely delve into applications spanning machine learning, material development, and drug discovery. With an emphasis on sustainability, the quantum computer, equipped with components manufactured in Japan, serves as a test bed for advancing the nation’s quantum capabilities.

Noteworthy is the consortium’s dedication to progress, evidenced by plans to refine software, optimize cloud workload processing, and drive advancements in quantum algorithms. The anticipated outcomes include breakthroughs in machine learning and quantum algorithm development, as well as solutions for optimization problems with environmental implications.

This development was supported by grants from the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology’s Quantum Leap Flagship Program, the Japan Science and Technology Agency ERATO’s “Nakamura Macroscopic Quantum Machine Project”, and the Council for Science, Technology and Innovation, Cross-ministerial Strategic Innovation Promotion Program.

A press release containing additional information about this project has been posted on Fujitsu’s website and can be accessed here.

December 21, 2023