This section lists quantum computing job opportunities in For Profit organizations in Europe, Asia, Australia. For job opportunities in universities, government and non-profit organizations you can view the list we have posted here.  This list is generated from postings on each company’s web site and is shown in alphabetical order, but you can sort by each individual column by clicking on the arrows.   You can click on the company name below to go to the careers section of that company’s web site and get more details on the position.

The Date Added field shows the approximate date the job was added to this listing.  It may not exactly match the date the hiring company posted it on their web site as we may not notice all new job postings immediately.  This date is in YYYY-MM-DD format.

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CompanyPositionLocationDate Added
A*STAR (Agency for Science,
Technology and Research, Singapore)
Photonics Research Scientist
(Optics/Electronics) (Quantum Technologies for Engineering), IMRE
Singapore; Fusionopolis2023-04-25
AirbusApprentice in quantum machine
learning and quantum optimization (f/h)
France; Toulouse2023-02-28
AlibabaAlibaba Quantum Laboratory (AQL)
Internship Program
China; Hangzhou2021-03-22
AlibabaAlibaba Quantum Laboratory (AQL)
Quantum Computer Architect Hangzhou
China; Hangzhou2021-02-12
AlibabaAlibaba Quantum Laboratory (AQL)
Quantum Scientist, Error Correction Hangzhou
China; Hangzhou2021-02-12
AlibabaAlibaba Quantum Laboratory (AQL)
Quantum Scientist, Hardware Hangzhou
China; Hangzhou2021-02-12
AlibabaAlibaba Quantum Laboratory (AQL)
Quantum Software Engineer Hangzhou
China; Hangzhou2020-09-05
AlibabaAlibaba Quantum Laboratory(AQL)
Process Engineer, Quantum Computing Hangzhou
China; Hangzhou2021-02-12
AlibabaQuantum Computer ArchitectChina; Hangzhou2020-09-05
Alice & BobComputational PhysicistFrance; Paris2023-01-12
Alice & BobEnergy consumption of a quantum
computer - internship
France; Paris2023-04-25
Alice & BobExperimental Quantum Engineer -
France; Paris2023-04-19
Alice & BobExperimental Quantum PhysicistFrance; Paris2022-08-02
Alice & BobFinancial Planning &
Analysis - internship or apprenticeship
France; Paris2023-04-17
Alice & BobJunior Quantum EngineerFrance; Paris2022-11-05
Alice & BobLab TechnicianFrance; Paris2023-02-23
Alice & BobNanofabrication &
Characterisation Engineer
France; Paris2022-03-16
Alice & BobNanofabrication Process OperatorFrance; Paris2023-04-13
Alice & BobPhysical Measurements &
Instrumentation Technician
France; Paris2023-04-12
Alice & BobProcess EngineerFrance; Paris2023-01-17
Alice & BobProcurement ManagerFrance; Paris2023-01-05
Alice & BobProduct Management -
France; Paris2023-05-17
Alice & BobQuantum Algorithms DeveloperFrance; Paris2023-04-17
Alice & BobQuantum ArchitectFrance; Paris2022-02-16
Alice & BobQuantum Instrumentation System
France; Paris2023-04-28
Alice & BobQuantum Theoretical PhysicistFrance; Paris2022-08-02
Alice & BobRadio frequency instrumentation
France; Paris2022-12-02
Alice & BobRF System EngineerFrance; Paris2022-12-02
Alice & BobSenior Microwave EngineerFrance; Paris2022-06-09
Alice & BobSenior Quantum Algorithms
France; Paris2023-01-12
Alice & BobSoftware Engineer - Cloud APIFrance; Paris2023-03-07
Alice & BobSoftware Engineer - Design
Toolkit Developer
France; Paris2023-01-24
Alice & BobSoftware Engineer -
Experimentation framework
France; Paris2023-01-20
Alice & BobSpontaneous ApplicationFrance; Paris2021-02-27
Alice & BobSuperconducting Circuits
Industrialization Engineer
France; Paris2023-03-22
Alice & BobSuperconducting Qubit Design
France; Paris2023-04-30
Alice & BobSuperconducting qubit simulation
- internship
France; Paris2023-04-19
Alice & BobSupraconducting circuit back-end
engineer - internship
France; Paris2023-04-20
Alice & BobSupraconducting circuit
characterization engineer - internship
France; Paris2023-04-19
ANI Calls India Private LimitedQuantum Computing, InvestmentsIndia; Mumbai2020-12-19
ANI Calls India Private LimitedQuantum Computing, SWIndia; Chennai2020-12-19
Applied PhysicsExperimental PhysicistSweden; Stockholm2023-05-19
ArquimeaQuantum Technology ExpertSpain; San Cristbal de La Laguna2023-05-16
Atlantic Quantum Corp.Quantum Processor EngineerSweden; Gothenburg2023-01-21
Atlantic Quantum Corp.Quantum Research ScientistSweden; Gothenburg2022-11-10
Atlantic Quantum Corp.Senior Quantum Processor
Sweden; Gothenburg2023-01-21
AtosInternship - Quantum computing
engineer M/F - Les Clayes
France; Les Clayes-sous-Bois2022-11-12
AtosLead Hardware Architect HPC
France; Les Clayes-sous-Bois2023-05-01
AtosProduct Data Manager Developper
France; Les Clayes-sous-Bois2023-05-16
AtosQuantum R&D engineer (H/F)France; Les Clayes-sous-Bois2023-03-08
AtosQuantum R&D engineer (H/F)France; Les Clayes-sous-Bois2023-01-12
AtosResearcher, Quantum Computing
Singapore; Singapore2023-05-05
Barrington JamesDirector of Quantum EngineeringUnited Kingdom2023-05-11
Barrington JamesHead of Quantum ChemistryEuropean Union2023-05-11
Barrington JamesQuantum Compiler ResearcherNetherlands2023-05-11
Barrington JamesQuantum Development EngineerFrance2023-05-13
Barrington JamesQuantum Development EngineerUnited Kingdom2023-05-20
Barrington JamesQuantum EngineerGermany; Munich2023-05-16
Barrington JamesQuantum EvangelistFrance; Paris2023-04-25
Barrington JamesSenior Quantum Assembly EngineerNetherlands; Amsterdam2023-05-06
Barrington JamesSenior Quantum ScientistUnited Kingdom2023-05-18
BeitInternPoland; Krakow2022-05-19
BeitPhysicistPoland; Krakow2019-04-13
BeitQuantum ExpertPoland; Krakow2019-04-13
Bluefors OyContent ManagerFinland; Helsinki2023-05-24
Bosch GroupPreMaster Business Model for
Emerging Technologies (f/m/div.)
Germany; Ludwigsburg2023-05-11
Bosch GroupPreMaster Emerging Technologies
Scouting (f/m/div.)
Germany; Berlin2023-05-11
Bosch GroupPreMaster Emerging Technologies
Scouting (f/m/div.)
Germany; Immenstaad am Bodensee2023-05-11
Bosch GroupPreMaster Emerging Technologies
Scouting (f/m/div.)
Germany; Ludwigsburg2023-05-11
Boston Consulting Group (BCG)Lead Applied AI Researcher (AI
United Kingdom; London or
France; Paris
C12 Quantum ElectronicsCleanroom TechnicianFrance; Paris2023-05-03
Chegg IndiaSubject Matter Expert – Physical
India; New Delhi2023-05-19
Classiq TechnologiesAlgorithm DeveloperIsrael; Tel Aviv2022-03-12
Classiq TechnologiesQuantum Algorithm DeveloperIsrael; Tel Aviv2022-01-08
Classiq TechnologiesSenior DevOps EngineerIsrael; Tel Aviv2022-01-08
Classiq TechnologiesSenior Frontend EngineerIsrael; Tel Aviv2022-01-08
Classiq TechnologiesSenior Software EngineerIsrael; Tel Aviv2022-04-30
Classiq TechnologiesTechnical Marketing Manager -
Quantum Computing
CT19Quantum Hardware
France; Paris2023-05-18
CT19Quantum Hardware
France; Paris2023-05-18
D-Wave Systems, Inc.Senior Sales Engineer (Remote,
United Kingdom; Remote2023-04-03
Deloitte(Senior) Consultant - Banking -
Technology Strategy (m/w/d)
Germany; Stuttgart2023-01-10
Diamond Light SourcePDRA in Magnetic Imaging and
Control of Quantum Materials
United Kingdom; Didcot2023-04-25
eleQtronSimulation EngineerGermany; Siegen2023-04-30
Entropica LabsQuantum Research EngineerSingapore; Singapore2023-05-11
equal1.labsVP of Quantum EngineeringIreland; Dublin2023-05-24
Ernest NobelQuantum Computing TalentUnited Kingdom; Remote2023-04-26
etalentumQuantum Projects Communication
Spain; Barcelona2023-05-08
European Quantum Industry Consortium (QuIC)Communications &
Administration Specialist (M / W / D)
European Union; Remote2022-09-13
EVONAFPGA EngineerSingapore; Singapore2023-05-08
Expleo GroupR&D Engineer M/F - Quantum
Algorithm - Implementation of a quantum algorithm for Drug Discovery related
to the microbiota / Ingénieur R&D H/F - Quantum Algorithm -
Implémentation d’un algorithme quantique pour le Drug Discovery lié au
France; Bouches-du-Rhône2023-05-01
Fraunhofer KarriereResearch Associate for Quantum
Computing / Wissenschaftliche*r Mitarbeiter*in für Quantum Computing
Germany; Stuttgart2023-05-12
FRG Technology ConsultingPhotonics Engineer - Scale Up -
Netherlands; Eindhoven2023-05-20
FujitsuQuantum Computing Research
United Kingdom; Slough2023-05-03
FujitsuResearch and development of
superconducting quantum computers (quantum control technology) /
Japan; Wakō2023-02-25
Global Quantum IntelligenceData AnalystEuropean Union; Remote2023-04-10
Global Quantum IntelligenceExpert (junior)European Union; Remote2023-04-19
Global Quantum IntelligenceExpert (senior)European Union; Remote2023-04-17
Global Quantum IntelligenceKey Account ManagerEuropean Union; Remote2023-04-10
Global Quantum IntelligenceMarketing ManagerEuropean Union; Remote2023-04-18
Goi Eskola Politeknikoa // Escuela
Politécnica Superior
Doctoral Position (R1) on the
Transition of Secure Intenet Protocols to Post-Quantum Cryptography
Spain; Bilbao2023-05-05
HitachiResearch and development on
quantum computers and quantum iniformation
Japan; Tokyo2022-10-30
Horizon Quantum ComputingProduct ManagerSingapore; Singapore2022-12-16
Horizon Quantum ComputingScientist (Characterisation and
Error Mitigation) - Dublin
Ireland; Dublin2023-04-11
Horizon Quantum ComputingScientist (Characterisation and
Error Mitigation)
Singapore; Singapore2023-04-01
Horizon Quantum ComputingScientist (Compilation)Singapore; Singapore2023-03-31
Horizon Quantum ComputingScientist (Quantum Circuits)Singapore; Singapore2023-03-31
Horizon Quantum ComputingScientistIreland; Dublin2023-05-18
Horizon Quantum ComputingScientistSingapore; Singapore2023-05-19
Horizon Quantum ComputingSenior Scientist
(Compilation/Programming Languages)
Singapore; Singapore2023-04-18
Horizon Quantum ComputingSenior Scientist (Quantum
Networks and Secure Delegation)
Singapore; Singapore2023-04-18
Horizon Quantum ComputingSenior ScientistSingapore; Singapore2023-05-19
Horizon Quantum ComputingTechnical Product ManagerSingapore; Singapore2022-11-06
IBMBlueCamp Internship Program:
Developer for Quantum Community
Spain; Barcelona2023-04-14
IBMIBM Quantum DeveloperJapan; Tokyo2023-05-16
IBMIBM Quantum Engagement Manager
Spain; Madrid2023-04-13
IBMResearch Scientist – QuantumUnited Kingdom; Hursley2023-04-14
IBMSenior Research Scientist –
United Kingdom; Hursley2023-04-14
ID Quantique.NET Software EngineerSwitzerland; Geneva2023-04-20
ID QuantiqueSoftware EngineerSwitzerland; Geneva2020-05-23
Infineon TechnologiesDoctoral Thesis: Development of
Single Photon Avalanche Diodes (SPADs) for Quantum Metrology (f/m/div)*
Germany; Munich2023-03-13
Infineon TechnologiesDoctoral Thesis: Electronic
System Integration for Trapped Ion Quantum Computing (f/m/div)*
Germany; Munich2023-03-30
Infleqtion / ColdQuantaMechanical EngineerUnited Kingdom; Oxford2023-02-17
Infleqtion / ColdQuantaProcess/Production EngineerUnited Kingdom; Oxford2023-05-10
Infleqtion / ColdQuantaSoftware EngineerUnited Kingdom; Oxford2023-05-18
Infleqtion / ColdQuantaSoftware Systems EngineerUnited Kingdom; Oxford2023-04-25
InstaDeepResearch Intern in Science (QML)United Kingdom; London2023-03-10
InstaDeepResearch Scientist in Quantum
Machine Learning
United Kingdom; London2022-05-24
Institut de Ciència de Materials de
Barcelona (ICMAB-CSIC)
Quantum Sensors for Ultralight
Dark Matter
Spain; Barcelona2021-08-05
Institut de Ciència de Materials de
Barcelona (ICMAB-CSIC)
TFM: Design and fabrication of
semiconductor spin qubits for quantum computing
Spain; Barcelona2022-04-16
Institut de Physique et Chimie des
Materiaux de Strasbourg
[With financing] Insights into
the quantum spintronic engine
France; strasbourg2023-05-10
IQMBusiness Development Manager,
Singapore; Singapore2023-04-12
IQMCleanroom Facilities
Finland; Espoo2023-05-21
IQMEquipment EngineerFinland; Espoo2023-05-16
IQMFacilities/Lab ManagerGermany; München2023-02-27
IQMFacility and laboratory manager
(m/f/d) / Facility- und Labormanager (m/w/d)
Germany; München2023-05-22
IQMHR Coordinator - fixed term
Germany; München2023-04-27
IQMInternships at IQMGermany or France or Spain2021-08-24
IQMOffice Manager - fixed termFinland; Espoo2023-04-25
IQMOffice Manager/Coordinator -
Finland; Espoo2023-05-05
IQMOpen applicationFinland; Espoo2021-09-16
IQMOpen applicationFrance; Paris2023-05-01
IQMOpen applicationGermany; Munich2023-02-11
IQMOpen applicationSpain; Madrid2023-02-11
IQMProcurement ManagerFinland; Espoo2023-04-04
IQMQuality Assurance EngineerFinland; Espoo2022-11-12
IQMQuantum Application Engineer,
Spain; Madrid2023-01-13
IQMQuantum Application Engineer,
France; Paris2023-01-13
IQMQuantum Engineer, Device DesignGermany; Munich2022-04-08
IQMQuantum Engineer, Experiments
Germany; Munich2021-03-05
IQMSenior Quantum Engineer,
Experiments  (m/w/d)
Finland; Espoo2021-04-18
IQMSenior Quantum EngineerFinland; Espoo2023-04-28
IQMSoftware ArchitectFinland; Espoo2023-03-27
IQMStrategic Finance ManagerFinland; Espoo or France; Paris
or Germany; Munich or Spain; Madrid
IQMTeam Lead, SoftwareFinland; Espoo2023-03-27
IQMTest Automation SpecialistFinland; Espoo2023-05-03
Jülich Supercomputing Centre /
Forschungszentrum Jülich
PhD Position - Cryogenic CMOS
for Quantum Computing
Germany; Jülich2023-05-13
Keysight TechnologiesCloud Architect (Expert level)Singapore; Singapore2022-02-12
Keysight TechnologiesSoftware Engineer (Advanced
Singapore; Singapore2022-02-12
Keysight TechnologiesSoftware Engineer (Entry /
Intermediate job level)
Singapore; Singapore2022-02-12
Ligentec SADesign Engineer - Integrated
Photonics (ID 2312)
Switzerland; Lausanne2023-04-29
LTIMindtreeSenior Quantum Computing
India; Kolkata2023-02-04
McKinsey & CompanyQuantum Computing Developer -
6-month internship
France; Paris2023-04-25
MicrosoftProcess Engineer - QuantumDenmark; Copenhagen2023-05-03
MicrosoftSenior Hardware Engineer for
Development of Semiconductor Equipment
Denmark; Copenhagen2023-04-30
MiraexQuantum Engineer (Hardware)Switzerland; Lausanne2022-01-01
MQI - Munich Quantum InstrumentsNanofabrication EngineerGermany; Munich2023-04-30
Multiverse ComputingCryptography InternSpain; San Sebastián2023-05-17
Multiverse ComputingExecutive AssistantSpain; San Sebastián2023-05-20
Multiverse ComputingMachine Learning EngineerSpain; San Sebastian2023-01-07
Multiverse ComputingQuantum Computing Engineer
Spain; Donostia-San Sebastián2023-05-16
Multiverse ComputingQuantum Software EngineerSpain; San Sebastián2023-02-18
Multiverse ComputingTensor Network Engineer (Junior)Spain; San Sebastián2023-02-18
Munich Quantum Valley (MQV)
Project Manager (m/f/d) - Munich
Quantum Valley
Germany; Munich2023-02-11
Nascent SemiconductorElectrical Engineer / Quantum
United Kingdom; Durham2023-05-11
NKT PhotonicsIP SpecialistDenmark; Birkerd2023-05-12
NKT PhotonicsStudent AssistantDenmark; Birkerd2023-05-12
NokiaInternship : Quantum NetworkFrance; Nozay2022-11-21
Novo Nordisk FoundationIII-V crystal growth expert for
Quantum Foundry
Denmark; Copenhagen2023-05-07
Novo Nordisk FoundationSilicon epitaxy expert for
Quantum Foundry
Denmark; Copenhagen2023-05-07
NvidiaDeveloper Relations Manager,
Quantum Computing
Germany; Stuttgart2023-05-12
NvidiaDeveloper Relations Manager,
Quantum Computing
NvidiaDeveloper Relations Manager,
Quantum Computing
Switzerland; Zurich2023-05-03
Orange Quantum SystemsHead-of-Finance-and-OperationsNetherlands; Delft2022-10-13
Orange Quantum SystemsMechanical Engineer (Internship)Netherlands; Delft2022-12-16
Orange Quantum SystemsQuantum engineer (Internship)Netherlands; Delft2022-12-16
Orange S.A.PhD thesis 'Quantum proofs and
attacks towards cryptographic functions and protocols'
France; Caen2023-04-06
Orange S.A.Thesis 'Optimization and
generalization capacity of quantum machine learning algorithms'
France; Cesson-Sévigné2023-04-08
ORCA ComputingElectronic Engineer, QuantumUnited Kingdom; London2022-06-25
ORCA ComputingSenior Software EngineerUnited Kingdom; London2023-01-28
Origin QuantumPostdoc (Quantum Machine
Learning Technologist)
China; Hefei2022-03-05
Origin QuantumPostdoctoral fellow
(superconductivity, semiconductor quantum computing and cryogenic
microelectroni cs
China; Hefei2022-03-05
Oxford IonicsSenior Lab TechnicianUnited Kingdom; Oxford2023-05-11
Oxford Quantum CircuitsQuantum Processor Design
United Kingdom; Reading2023-04-30
Oxford Quantum CircuitsSenior Software Engineer -
Control Systems
United Kingdom; Reading2023-04-27
Oxford Quantum CircuitsSenior Software EngineerUnited Kingdom; Reading2023-04-28
Oxford Quantum CircuitsSoftware Integration EngineerUnited Kingdom; Reading2023-04-28
ParityQCQuantum Algorithm DeveloperAustria; Innsbruck2023-03-02
ParityQCQuantum Compiler DeveloperAustria; Innsbruck2022-12-09
ParityQCQuantum Hardware TheoristGermany; Hamburg2022-12-09
ParityQCQuantum Optimization EngineerGermany; Hamburg2022-12-09
ParityQCQuantum Use-Case DeveloperAustria; Innsbruck2022-12-09
ParityQCTeam assistant / Office managerGermany; Hamburg2023-03-19
PasqalBusiness Development
representative - Saoudi Arabia - W/M
Saudi Arabia; Thuwal2023-05-23
PasqalCryogenic Engineer - W/MFrance; Fontenay-sous-Bois2023-05-23
PasqalGeneral Application for Future
Amsterdam Opportunities
Netherlands; Amsterdam2023-05-18
PasqalGeneral Application for Future
France Opportunities
France; Massy2023-05-18
PasqalGeneral Application for Future
London UK Opportunities
United Kingdom; London2023-05-18
PasqalHead Of Emulation - W/MFrance; Massy2023-05-16
PasqalLead Quantum Machine Learning
Developer - W/M
Netherlands; Amsterdam2023-05-21
PasqalMid-Senior Quantum Hardware
Engineer (W/M)
France; Massy2023-05-24
PasqalProduction Engineer - W/MFrance; Fontenay-sous-Bois2023-05-23
PasqalQuantum Algorithm Expert - W/MNetherlands; Amsterdam2023-05-16
PasqalQuantum Error Correction
Engineer (QEC) - F/M
France; Massy2023-04-04
PasqalQuantum Simulation R&D
Leader - Tensor Networks - W/M
France; Massy2023-05-13
PasqalSenior Quantum Generative
Modelling & Sampling - W/M
Netherlands; Amsterdam2023-05-13
PasqalSenior Quantum Simulation
R&D - Tensor Networks - W/M
France; Massy2023-05-13
PasqalSenior Quantum Simulation
R&D – Monte Carlo - W/M
France; Massy2023-05-13
PasqalSoftware Developer Frontend -
Cloud Services
France; Massy2021-11-06
PasqalTest and Performance Engineer
(F/M) / Ingénieur Tests et Performances (F/H)
France; Massy2023-05-18
PhaseCraftQuantum Algorithms EngineerUnited Kingdom; Bristol2023-04-30
PhaseCraftQuantum Algorithms EngineerUnited Kingdom; London2023-04-30
PhaseCraftQuantum Software Researcher -
United Kingdom; London2022-12-31
PhaseCraftQuantum Software Researchers
Post-Doc Level
United Kingdom; London2020-11-15
PhaseCraftQuantum Software ResearchersUnited Kingdom; London2020-01-25
Politecnico di TorinoPHD studentItaly; Turin2023-04-25
PsiQuantumExperimental Quantum Optics
R&D Engineer
United Kingdom2022-11-19
PsiQuantumIntern, Source ExperimentalistUnited Kingdom2023-05-11
PsiQuantumIntern, Source ExperimentalistUnited Kingdom2023-05-03
PsiQuantumIntern, Source ExperimentalistUnited Kingdom2023-03-24
Q-CTRLDevOps Engineer (general)Australia; Sydney2023-04-28
Q-CTRLQ-CTRL Talent CommunityAustralia; Sydney2022-11-02
Q-CTRLQ-CTRL Talent CommunityGermany; Berlin2022-11-02
Q-CTRLQ-CTRL Talent CommunityUnited Kingdom; London2023-05-16
Q-CTRLResearch Lab TechnologistAustralia; Sydney2023-05-26
Q-CTRLSenior Back-End EngineerAustralia; Sydney2023-04-28
Q-CTRLSenior Program Manager,
Proposals and Contracts
Australia; Sydney2023-05-20
Q-CTRLSenior Scientist, Quantum
Sensing (Capability Modelling)
Australia; Sydney2023-05-15
Q-CTRLSenior Scientist, Quantum
Sensing (Miniaturisation)
Australia; Sydney2023-03-06
Q-CTRLStaff Automation Scientist,
Quantum Sensing
Australia; Sydney2023-05-19
Q.ANT GmbHElectrical Engineer (m/f/d) for
mixed signal circuits
Germany; Stuttgart2022-05-11
Q.ANT GmbHLaboratory Engineer New Product
Introduction (m/f/d)
Germany; Stuttgart2022-05-11
Q.ANT GmbHQuantum Algorithm Developer
Germany; Stuttgart2022-05-11
Q.ANT GmbHScrum Master Quantum Computing
Germany; Stuttgart2022-10-12
Q.ANT GmbHTechnical Project Manager
Germany; Stuttgart2022-05-11
QbloxApplication Scientist - NV
centers/ Trapped ions
Netherlands; Delft2022-12-13
QbloxApplication Scientist - Quantum
Netherlands; Delft2023-01-07
QbloxAssemblage, Inspectie & Test
Netherlands; Delft2023-04-18
QbloxHead of EngineeringNetherlands; Delft2023-03-22
QbloxLogistics & Warehousing
Netherlands; Delft2023-02-18
QbloxProduct Engineer (Dutch)
Certificering & Compliance
Netherlands; Delft2023-04-10
QbloxQuantum Success EngineerNetherlands; Delft2023-01-04
QbloxRTL verification engineerNetherlands; Delft2023-03-30
QC DesignAtomic Physics and Quantum
Computing Researcher
Germany; Ulm2023-03-30
QC DesignQuantum Error Corrections &
Fault Tolerance Researcher
Germany; Ulm2023-03-30
QCWareBusiness Development Executive -
France; Paris2021-11-24
QCWareQuantum Algorithms InternFrance; Paris2021-02-04
QCWareQuantum Algorithms ResearcherFrance; Paris or European Union;
QCWareSoftware EngineerFrance; Paris or European Union;
QilimanjaroQuantum TechSoftware EngineerSpain; Barcelona2023-04-22
QinetiQQuantum ScientistUnited Kingdom; Malvern2023-02-22
QkrishiAdjunct Research ScientistRemote2022-11-20
QkrishiJunior ResearcherRemote2022-11-20
QnamiPhD position in Quantum Sensing
Switzerland; Muttenz2022-12-08
QphoXMeasurement Systems EngineerNetherlands; Delft2021-05-15
QphoXQuantum Hardware Fabrication
Netherlands; Delft2021-05-15
QphoXQuantum Scientist/EngineerNetherlands; Delft2022-04-30
QphoXSenior Business DeveloperNetherlands; Delft2021-05-15
QpiAI India Private LimitedOperations Research AnalystIndia; Bengaluru2023-04-12
QruiseQuantum Control Physicist
Germany; Remote2022-09-11
QruiseQuantum DevOps EngineerGermany; Remote2022-11-19
QruiseScientific / Technical Writer
Germany; Remote2022-09-11
QruiseSenior Scientific Python
Germany; Remote2022-07-03
QuandelaBusiness DeveloperFrance; Massy2023-01-30
QuandelaIn-house IP strategistFrance; Massy2023-05-25
QuandelaPIC EngineerFrance; Palaiseau2022-03-04
QuandelaQuantum Algorithms ScientistFrance; Paris2023-05-25
QuandelaQuantum Error Correction
France; Paris2023-05-25
QuandelaSoftware EngineerFrance; Massy2023-03-22
QuantagoniaInitiative Application (m/w/d)Germany; Frankfurt2022-12-07
QuantagoniaInternship Quantum Algorithm
& Applications (m/w/d) - Summer/Fall 2023
Germany; Frankfurt2023-05-27
QuantagoniaQuantum Software Engineer
Germany; Frankfurt2023-05-27
QuantinuumCompiler Engineer (Quantum
United Kingdom; Cambridge2022-11-22
QuantinuumGeneral Interest in working for
United Kingdom2021-05-28
QuantinuumHead of Quantum AlgorithmsUnited Kingdom; Cambridge2023-05-23
QuantinuumInternship Opportunities with
Quantinuum 2023
United Kingdom; London or United
Kingdom; Cambridge or United Kingdom; Oxford
QuantinuumProgram Manager (Quantum
Japan; Tokyo2023-02-28
QuantinuumQuantum Computer OperatorJapan; Tokyo2023-05-24
QuantinuumSenior Compiler Engineer
(Quantum Software)
United Kingdom; Cambridge2022-06-30
QuantinuumSenior Software EngineerUnited Kingdom; Cambridge2022-07-14
QuantinuumSenior Team Lead, IT Engineering
& Operations  (EMEA/APAC)
United Kingdom; London2023-04-25
QuantinuumSoftware Engineer, Quantum
United Kingdom; Cambridge2023-04-12
QuantinuumStrategic Partner ManagerJapan; Tokyo2023-04-12
QuantrolOx LtdApplied ResearcherUnited Kingdom2022-05-18
QuantrolOx LtdMachine Learning EngineerFinland; Remote2022-12-16
QuantrolOx LtdSoftware Engineer – Data
Finland; Remote2022-12-16
Quantum BrillianceCountry Manager, SingaporeSingapore; Singapore2023-05-15
Quantum BrillianceEmbedded System EngineerAustralia; Acton2022-09-14
Quantum BrillianceGlobal Operations ManagerAustralia; Sydney2023-04-03
Quantum BrillianceJunior Diamond Material EngineerGermany; Freiburg2023-03-31
Quantum BrillianceJunior Hardware Engineer,
Germany; Stuttgart2023-03-23
Quantum BrillianceOperations Manager / Business
Architect (Global)
Germany; Stuttgart2023-04-04
Quantum BrillianceProcess Development and Device
Fabrication Engineer
Australia; Melbourne2023-05-03
Quantum BrillianceQuantum Engineer (Photoelectric
Germany; Stuttgart2023-03-23
Quantum BrillianceQuantum Operations EngineerGermany; Stuttgart2023-03-31
Quantum BrillianceQuantum ResearcherAustralia; Canberra2022-12-18
Quantum BrillianceSenior Software Engineer,
Quantum Control
Germany; Stuttgart2023-03-31
Quantum BrillianceSenior Surface ScientistGermany; Freiburg2023-03-31
Quantum BrillianceX. Expressions of InterestAustralia; Canberra2022-09-28
Quantum Coherence Technologies Pvt.
Lead Engineer - Full StackIndia; Bengaluru2023-05-09
Quantum Delta NLCommercial lead House of Quantum
Netherlands; Delft2023-05-07
Quantum Delta NLDirector Centre for Quantum
& Society
Netherlands; Delft2023-04-27
Quantum MachinesAlgo Team LeaderIsrael; Tel Aviv-Yafo2023-05-16
Quantum MachinesAlgo Team LeaderIsrael; Tel Aviv2023-05-16
Quantum MachinesATE EngineerIsrael; Tel Aviv2023-03-02
Quantum MachinesBackend DeveloperIsrael; Tel Aviv2023-03-28
Quantum MachinesCustomer Success Engineer- APACSingapore; Singapore2023-05-01
Quantum MachinesDevOps EnigneerIsrael; Tel Aviv-Yafo2023-05-08
Quantum MachinesElectronics EngineerDenmark; Copenhagen2023-05-19
Quantum MachinesEmbedded Software DeveloperDenmark; Copenhagen2023-05-19
Quantum MachinesInternational Sales ManagerDenmark; Copenhagen2023-05-25
Quantum MachinesMechanical DesignerDenmark; Copenhagen2023-05-22
Quantum MachinesNPI EngineerIsrael; Tel Aviv-Yafo2023-05-09
Quantum MachinesPCB/RF Electronics EngineerDenmark; Copenhagen2023-05-16
Quantum MachinesProduct Marketing ManagerDenmark; Copenhagen2023-05-25
Quantum MachinesScientific Business Development
Manager (APAC)
Singapore; Singapore2023-03-28
Quantum MachinesScientist/PhysicistDenmark; Copenhagen2023-03-02
Quantum MachinesSemiconductor Packaging EngineerDenmark; Copenhagen2023-05-16
Quantum MachinesSenior Full-Stack DeveloperGermany; Stuttgart2023-05-16
Quantum MachinesSenior FullStack DeveloperIsrael; Tel Aviv2023-04-16
Quantum MachinesSoftware EngineerDenmark; Copenhagen2023-05-12
Quantum MachinesStudent Assistant: Logistics
Management or Supply Chain Management
Denmark; Copenhagen2023-05-07
Quantum Motion TechnologyIC Validation and Modelling
United Kingdom; London2023-05-17
Quantum Motion TechnologyManagement Accountant/AnalystUnited Kingdom; London2023-02-18
Quantum Motion TechnologyPeople & Operations
United Kingdom; London2023-05-17
Quantum Motion TechnologyQuantum EngineerUnited Kingdom; London2023-04-05
Quantum Motion TechnologySenior Analog IC Design EngineerUnited Kingdom; London2023-02-18
Quantum Motion TechnologySenior Quantum EngineerUnited Kingdom; London2023-02-18
Quantum Motion TechnologyStaff RF IC Design EngineerUnited Kingdom; London2023-02-18
Quantum Source Labs LtdExperienced lab technicianIsrael; Rehovot2023-05-03
Quantum-FuturesPhotonic LeadNetherlands2023-04-11
Quantum-FuturesQuantum Hardware Engineer -
Quantum Sensing
Quantum-FuturesQuantum Machine Learning
United Kingdom; London2023-05-25
QuantumBasel / uptownBasel Infinity
DevOps ManagerSwitzerland; Arlesheim2023-05-12
QuantumBasel / uptownBasel Infinity
Enterprise Information
Technology Architect
Switzerland; Arlesheim2023-05-11
QuantumBasel / uptownBasel Infinity
Intern at QuantumBasel (50-100%)Switzerland; Arlesheim2023-05-03
QuantumBasel / uptownBasel Infinity
Scientific Intern (40-100%)Switzerland; Arlesheim2023-05-03
QuantwareExperimental Quantum EngineerNetherlands; Delft2023-05-10
QuantwareInternship Quantum TechnologyNetherlands; Delft2023-05-16
QuantwareJunior R&D EngineerNetherlands; Delft2023-05-02
QuiX Quantum BVControl Systems Engineer,
Quantum Computing
Germany; Ulm2023-05-17
Qulans Software India Pvt LtdQuantum Networking EngineerIndia; Hyderabad2023-04-30
Qunova Computing, Inc.Computational Quantum
Chemist/Biochemist - Technical Leader
South Korea; Daejeon or South
Korea; Seoul
Qunova Computing, Inc.Computational Quantum
Chemist/Biochemist - Technical Manager
South Korea; Daejeon or South
Korea; Seoul or Remote
Qunova Computing, Inc.High Performance Computing
System Engineer - Technical Leader
South Korea; Daejeon or South
Korea; Seoul
Qunova Computing, Inc.Quantum Computing
Scientist/Engineer - Technical Leader
South Korea; Daejeon or South
Korea; Seoul
Qunova Computing, Inc.Quantum Computing
Scientist/Engineer - Technical Manager
South Korea; Daejeon or South
Korea; Seoul or Remote
QusideHardware Testing EngineerSpain; Barcelona2023-05-03
RiverlaneHardware Verification EngineerUnited Kingdom; Cambridge2023-04-25
RiverlaneSenior Content and
Communications Manager
United Kingdom; Cambridge2023-04-25
SandboxAQSolutions ArchitectFrance; Paris2023-05-11
ScaleInsight K.K.Strategic Partner Manager
(Full-stack Quantum Computing)
Japan; Tokyo2023-04-27
SCALINQMaster Thesis OpportunitiesSweden; Gothenburg2022-11-18
SCALINQMicrowave Design InternshipSweden; Gothenburg2022-11-18
Silicofeller QuantumQuantum Software Engineer 2India; Noida2023-05-16
Silicon Quantum ComputingSenior Software Engineer -
Quantum Computing
Australia; Sydney2023-05-01
Single QuantumFacilities employee / Facilitair
Netherlands; Delft2023-04-06
Single QuantumFacility OfficerNetherlands; Delft2023-04-06
Single QuantumOpen ApplicationNetherlands; Delft2022-08-02
SINTEFPhD Scholarship (3years) in
Quantum Computing Applied to Industrial Optimization Problems
Norway; Trondheim2022-10-30
Somm Excellence AllianceHPC&IA – Quantum machine
learning algorithms
Spain; Guipúzcoa2023-05-09
Somm Excellence AllianceHybrid quantum algorithms for
partial differential equations
Spain; Guipúzcoa2023-05-16
Somm Excellence AllianceHybrid quantum algorithms for
pattern recognition
Spain; Guipúzcoa2023-05-16
Somm Excellence AllianceHybrid quantum algorithms for
time series analysis
Spain; Guipúzcoa2023-05-16
SpeQtralBusiness Development ManagerSingapore; Singapore2020-11-07
SpeQtralElectronics EngineerSingapore; Singapore2020-10-17
SpeQtralFPGA EngineerSingapore; Singapore2022-01-08
SpeQtralNetwork Security / Fibre QKD
deployments Engineer
Singapore; Singapore2022-11-20
SpeQtralOptical Ground Station EngineerSingapore; Singapore2020-11-28
SpeQtralQuantum Optics
Singapore; Singapore2020-10-17
SpeQtralSoftware EngineerSingapore; Singapore2020-10-17
SpeQtralSystems EngineerSingapore; Singapore2020-10-17
SpeQtralTechnical Project ManagerSingapore; Singapore2020-10-17
SuperQ Technologies India Pvt LtdMicrofabrication EngineerIndia; Bengaluru2023-04-22
Techniekwerkt.nlAssemblage, Inspectie & Test
Engineer Bij Qblox
Netherlands; Delft2023-05-07
Terra QuantumApplied Researcher Quantum
Machine Learning
European Union or Switzerland;
St Gallen or Germany; Munich or Austria; Vienna
Terra QuantumProduct EngineerSwitzerland; Zurich2023-04-22
Terra QuantumSenior Applied Researcher -
Switzerland; St Gallen2023-01-28
Terra QuantumSenior Applied Researcher
Quantum Machine Learning
European Union or Switzerland;
St Gallen or Germany; Munich or Austria; Vienna
Terra QuantumSenior Cuts EngineerGermany; Munich2023-01-04
Terra QuantumSenior Hardware EngineerFinland; Espoo2023-05-06
Terra QuantumSenior Quantum Scientist
Finland; Espoo2023-01-21
ToshibaPhD Studentship in Quantum
United Kingdom; Cambridge2023-04-15
ToshibaResearch Scientist -
Implementation Security of Quantum Cryptosystems
United Kingdom; Cambridge2023-05-20
ToshibaResearch Scientist in Quantum
United Kingdom; Cambridge2023-04-17
TrumpfQuantum Computing Scientist
Germany; Ditzingen2023-04-30
TuringQuantum Compilation EngineerChina; Shanghai2022-11-20
Universal QuantumElectronics Engineering LeadUnited Kingdom; Haywards Heath2023-01-27
Universal QuantumExperimental Quantum PhysicistGermany; Hamburg2022-10-27
Universal QuantumExperimental Quantum PhysicistUnited Kingdom; Brighton2023-01-27
Universal QuantumFPGA Design EngineerUnited Kingdom; Haywards Heath2023-05-10
Universal QuantumLayout Engineer (Contractor)United Kingdom; Haywards Heath2023-05-16
Universal QuantumLead Microwave / RF DesignerUnited Kingdom; Haywards Heath2023-03-16
Universal QuantumMechanical Design Engineer
United Kingdom; Haywards Heath2023-04-05
Universal QuantumOpen ApplicationsUnited Kingdom2022-06-05
Universal QuantumProgram ManagerUnited Kingdom; Haywards Heath2023-05-10
Universal QuantumQuantum Hardware EngineerGermany; Hamburg2022-10-27
Universal QuantumQuantum Hardware EngineerUnited Kingdom; Brighton2022-01-08
Universal QuantumQuantum Software DeveloperUnited Kingdom; Brighton2022-04-29
Universal QuantumSenior Software Engineer (f/m/d)Germany; Hamburg2023-04-22
Workforce Australia for IndividualsSenior Scientist, Quantum
Sensing (Miniaturisation)
Australia; Eveleigh2023-05-07
XeedQQuantum Devices EngineersGermany; Ulm2023-05-03
Zapata ComputingPhD Position in Quantum
Computing for Applications in Life Sciences
Denmark; Kongens Lyngby2023-03-23
Zhongke Kuyuan TechnologyQuantum Application ScientistChina; Wuhan2022-04-02
Zurich InstrumentsApplication Engineer (Physics,
EE) - South Korea
South Korea2022-02-23
Zurich InstrumentsApplication Engineer - ChinaChina; Shanghai2020-01-22
Zurich InstrumentsApplication Scientist (Physics,
EE) - China
China; Shanghai2020-01-22
Zurich InstrumentsApplication Scientist Quantum
Computing China
China; Shanghai2019-07-16
Zurich InstrumentsApplication Scientist Quantum
Technologies - Germany
Germany; Munich2021-10-11
Zurich InstrumentsApplications Manager Lock-in
Switzerland; Zurich2022-12-24
Zurich InstrumentsField Application Engineer -
Quantum Technology Field/필드
엔지니어 – 양자 기술
South Korea2021-12-15
Zurich InstrumentsField Application Engineer
Quantum Technology - South Korea
South Korea2021-12-11
Zurich InstrumentsHead of Sales APACAustralia or China; Hong Kong or
India or Indonesia or Japan or South Korea or Malaysia or New Zealand
Zurich InstrumentsHead of Sales APACSwitzerland; Zurich2022-08-16
Zurich InstrumentsHead of Sales EMEASwitzerland; Zurich2023-02-17
Zurich InstrumentsLead Front-End EngineerSwitzerland; Zurich2022-09-28
Zurich InstrumentsMarketing DirectorSwitzerland; Zurich2023-02-04
Zurich InstrumentsOrder and Export Administrator
Switzerland; Zurich2023-01-31
Zurich InstrumentsProduction EngineerSwitzerland; Zurich2023-01-24
Zurich Instrumentsproduction engineerSwitzerland; Zurich2021-11-24
Zurich InstrumentsProduction Technician (100%)Switzerland; Zurich2022-11-17
Zurich InstrumentsResearch and Development
Switzerland; Zurich2023-04-23
Zurich InstrumentsScientific Account Manager
Switzerland; Zurich2021-06-26
Zurich InstrumentsSenior Software Engineer C++
Switzerland; Zurich2022-10-12
Zurich InstrumentsSenior Software Test Engineer
(80% - 100%)
Switzerland; Zurich2022-12-24
Zurich InstrumentsSoftware Engineer C++/PythonSwitzerland; Zurich2022-12-24
Zurich InstrumentsSpontaneous applicationsSwitzerland; Zurich2021-01-13
Zurich InstrumentsTechnical Sales - ChinaChina; Shanghai2020-01-22
Zurich InstrumentsTechnical Sales EMEASwitzerland; Zurich2023-05-10
Zurich InstrumentsTechnical SalesSwitzerland; Zurich2023-02-25