This section lists quantum computing job opportunities in For Profit organizations in Europe, Asia, or Australia.   For job opportunities in universities, government and non-profit organizations you can view the list we have posted here.  This list is generated from postings on each company’s web site and is shown in alphabetical order.  It includes positions where a specific job description is listed but does not include any listings for general applications or internships.   You can click on the company name below to go to the careers section of that company’s web site and get more details on the position.

The Date Added field shows the approximate date the job was added to this listing.  It may not exactly match the date the hiring company posted it on their web site as we may not notice all new job postings immediately.  This date is in YYYY-MM-DD format.

We welcome any notifications of additions or corrections to this list.   You can send them to

CompanyPositionLocationDate Added
Alibaba GroupPostdocU.S. or China2018-11-03
Alibaba GroupQuantum ScientistU.S. or China2018-01-19
Alice & BobNano-Fabrication EngineerFrance; Paris2020-05-30
Alice & BobQuantum Microwave EngineerFrance; Paris2020-05-30
Alice & BobQuantum Software DeveloperFrance; Paris2020-05-30
BeitPhysicistPoland; Krakow2019-04-13
BeitQuantum ExpertPoland; Krakow2019-04-13
C12 Quantum ElectronicsQuantum Electronics ResearcherFrance; Paris2020-06-03
Quantum Computing
Quantum Machine Learning ScientistEngland; Cambridge2020-05-02
Cambridge Quantum ComputingQuantum Software - Scientific ManagerEngland; Cambridge2020-06-20
Quantum Computing
Research ScientistEngland; Cambridge2018-10-27
Quantum Computing
Research Scientist - Quantum Natural Language Processing (QNLP)England; Cambridge2020-07-04
Quantum Computing
Scientific Project ManagerEngland; Cambridge2020-06-06
Quantum Computing
Software DeveloperEngland; Cambridge2018-10-27
Quantum Computing
Software Engineer (Quantum Chemistry) England; Cambridge2020-06-06
Quantum Computing
Software Quality Assurance SpecialistEngland; Cambridge2019-05-19
Delft CircuitsQuantum EngineerThe Netherlands; Delft2019-02-23
D-Wave SystemsPatent SpecialistTBD: Remote2020-01-18
D-Wave SystemsSales EngineerJapan; Remote2020-03-21
Entropica LabsQuantum Information & Error Correction ScientistSingapore2020-05-16
Entropica LabsQuantum Machine Learning ScientistSingapore2020-05-16
Entropica LabsQuantum Optimization ScientistSingapore2020-05-16
equal1.labsExperimental PhysicistIreland; Dublin2020-06-06
equal1.labsProject ManagerIreland; Dublin2020-06-06
equal1.labsQuantum Algorithm Developer Ireland; Dublin2020-06-06
ID QuantiqueSoftware EngineerSwitzerland; Geneva2020-05-23
Informa TechSenior Conference ProducerEngland; London2019-11-02
Inside Quantum TechnologySenior Industry Analyst Quantum TechnologyRemote2020-01-18
IQMQuantum Engineer/PhysicistFinland; Espoo2019-10-12
MicrosoftPrincipal Fabrication LeadAustralia; Sydney2020-01-25
MicrosoftSite Program ManagerAustralia; Sydney2020-03-21
MicrosoftSite Program ManagerDenmark; Copenhagen2020-03-21
Electronic EngineerEngland; London2020-05-02
Project Manager (Quantum)England; London2020-05-02
ORCA ComputingQuantum Programme ManagerEngland; London2020-04-04
ORCA ComputingQuantum Theorist / ArchitectEngland; London2020-05-02
Quantum Circuits
Nanofabrication EngineerUK; Oxford2020-06-06
Quantum Circuits
RTL Design EngineerUK; Oxford2020-06-06
Quantum Software EngineerFrance; Palaiseau, Ile-de-France2020-04-25
PhaseCraftQuantum Software ResearchersUK; Bristol or London2020-01-25
Q-CTRLSenior DevOps EngineerAustralia; Sydney2020-06-06
Q-CTRLSenior Quantum Control EngineerAustralia; Sydney2018-05-06
Q-CTRLSenior Quantum Control Engineer - Quantum SensingAustralia; Sydney2020-05-30
Q-CTRLSenior Sales ManagerAustralia; Sydney2020-06-27
Quantum Tech SL
Junior Quantum Software EngineerSpain; Barcelona2020-05-09
QpiAIQuantum Research ScientistIndia; Bengaluru Area2020-04-25
QuandelaQuantum Devices EngineerFrance; Palaiseau2020-04-18
QuantFiUniversity Research Partner, Quantum Computing for FinanceMultiple Locations2020-05-30
ToshibaDevelopment EngineerEngland; Cambridge2019-09-21
ToshibaIndustrial CASE PhD Studentship in Quantum PhotonicsEngland; Cambridge2019-09-21
Zapata ComputingEuropean Pre-Sales EngineerEngland; London2020-06-27
Zurich InstrumentsApplication Scientist (Quantum Technologies)Multiple; Zurich, Shanghai, or Boston2020-06-03
Zurich InstrumentsApplication Scientist Quantum Computing ChinaChina; Shanghai2019-07-16
Zurich InstrumentsProduct Manager, Quantum SystemsZurich, Switzerland2020-06-03