This section lists quantum computing job opportunities in For Profit organizations in the U.S. or Canada.   For job opportunities in universities, government and non-profit organizations you can view the list we have posted here. This list is generated from postings on each company’s web site and is shown in alphabetical order.  It includes positions where a specific job description is listed but does not include any listings for general applications or internships.   You can click on the company name below to go to the careers section of that company’s web site and get more details on the position.

The Date Added field shows the approximate date the job was added to this listing.  It may not exactly match the date the hiring company posted it on their web site as we may not notice all new job postings immediately.  This date is in YYYY-MM-DD format.

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CompanyPositionLocationDate Added
1QBitResearcher - Fault-Tolerant Quantum ComputingCanada; Vancouver2020-06-27
1QBitResearcher - Quantum Optics and PhotonicsCanada; Vancouver2020-06-27
1QBitSoftware Developer, AutomationCanada; Vancouver2020-06-27
1QBitStaff ScientistCanada; Vancouver2020-06-27
AgnostiqLead, Quantum CryptographerCanada; Toronto2020-01-12
Alibaba GroupPostdocU.S. or China2018-11-03
Alibaba GroupQuantum ScientistU.S. or China2018-01-19
Alibaba GroupQuantum Scientist, Error CorrectionWashington; Seattle2020-04-25
Aliro QuantumResearch Software EngineerMassachusetts; Cambridge2019-09-21
Aliro QuantumSoftware DeveloperMassachusetts; Cambridge2019-11-30
AmazonPrincipal Solutions Architect, Quantum ComputingWashington; Seattle2020-06-20
AmazonPrincipal WW Specialist, Quantum ComputingWashington; Seattle2020-05-02
AmazonProgram Manager - Quantum HardwareCalifornia; Glendale2020-06-06
AmazonQuantum Hardware Development Engineer - Device FabricationCalifornia; Glendale2020-05-09
AmazonQuantum Hardware EngineerCalifornia; Glendale2020-02-01
AmazonQuantum Hardware TechnicianCalifornia; Glendale2020-03-21
AmazonQuantum Research Scientist, Control and BenchmarkingCalifornia; Glendale2020-02-22
AmazonQuantum Research Scientist, Test and MeasurementCalifornia; Glendale2020-03-14
AmazonQuantum Research Scientist; Device Fabrication and CharacterizationCalifornia; Glendale2020-06-06
AmazonSenior Product Manager Technical, AWSCalifornia; Glendale2020-06-20
AmazonSenior Quantum Computing Practice ManagerWashington; Seattle2020-05-02
AmazonSenior Research ScientistWashington; Seattle2020-05-09
AmazonSoftware Development ManagerWashington; Seattle2020-06-27
Amazon Supply Manager - Quantum HardwareCalifornia; Pasadena2020-07-04
Anyon SystemsFinite Element Developer; Computational ElectromagneticsCanada; Waterloo2020-06-27
Anyon SystemsHigh Performance Computing DeveloperCanada; Waterloo2020-06-27
Anyon Systems Inc.High Performance Computing SpecialistCanada; Montreal2020-05-23
Anyon Systems Inc.Machinist - CNCCanada; Montreal2020-06-06
Anyon Systems Inc.Quantum Hardware EngineerCanada; Montreal2020-02-29
Anyon Systems Inc.Quantum Nanofabrication EngineerCanada; Waterloo2020-01-25
Anyon Systems Inc.UI/UX DesignerCanada; Montreal2020-06-06
Anyon Systems, Inc. Quantum Control EngineerCanada; Montreal2020-03-21
Principal FPGA EngineerCalifornia; Berkeley2020-06-27
Quantum EngineerCalifornia; Berkeley2018-07-07
Software EngineerCalifornia; Berkeley2018-07-07
BayerQuantum Computing ManagerCalifornia; San Jose2020-05-09
Bluemont Technology & ResearchQuantum Research AssistantMaryland; Linthicum2019-09-14
Booz Allen HamiltonAdvanced Computing Research ConsultantVirginia; Arlington2020-06-20
Booz Allen HamiltonData Scientist, SeniorNew York; Rome2020-05-23
Booz Allen HamiltonQuantum and Classical Computer Science TheoristD.C; Washington2020-04-25
Booz Allen HamiltonQuantum Information Science ConsultantVirginia; Arlington2020-06-27
Booz-Allen HamiltonQuantum Sciences ResearcherD.C.; Washington2020-05-30
Booz-Allen HamiltonQuantum Sciences Researcher, SeniorD.C.; Washington2020-05-30
Booz-Allen HamiltonQuantum ScientistMaryland; Annapolis2020-01-04
Booz-Allen HamiltonQuantum ScientistNew York; Rome2019-12-07
Quantum Technical LeadCanada; Toronto2020-02-15
D-WaveTechnical Application Delivery ManagerWashington; Bellevue2020-07-04
D-Wave SystemsDirector, Global Public AffairsD.C.; Washington2020-05-30
D-Wave SystemsDirector, Global Public AffairsOntario; Ottawa2020-05-30
D-Wave SystemsExecutive AssistantWashington; Bellevue2020-05-30
D-Wave SystemsJunior Software DeveloperBritish Columbia; Burnaby2020-05-23
D-Wave SystemsPatent SpecialistTBD: Remote2020-01-18
D-Wave SystemsSoftware Developer (Algorithms)Canada; Burnaby2020-04-18
D-Wave SystemsSoftware Developer (Algorithms)Washington; Bellevue2020-04-11
D-Wave SystemsVP, FinanceCanada; Burnaby2020-05-30
GoogleCryogenic System Hardware Engineer, Quantum AICalifornia; Goleta2020-06-20
GoogleQuantum Senior Staff Systems Integration EngineerCalifornia; Santa Barbara2020-05-09
HoneywellPhysicist/Mathematician - Honeywell Quantum SolutionsColorado; Broomfield2020-05-16
HRL LaboratoriesCompiler EngineerCalifornia; Malibu2020-02-29
HRL LaboratoriesPost Doctorate - Chip-scale electrro-opticsCalifornia; Malibu2020-06-27
HRL LaboratoriesScientist II - Quantum Integrated PhotonicsCalifornia; Malibu2020-02-29
HRL LaboratoriesScientist IV - Cryogenic PhysicsCalifornia; Malibu2020-06-27
HRL LaboratoriesScientist IV - Quantum Device AnalysisCalifornia; Malibu2020-05-23
HRL LaboratoriesScientist IV - Semiconductor Device Physics - TheoryCalifornia; Malibu2019-07-27
HRL LaboratoriesScientist IV - Theoretical Quantum InformationCalifornia; Malibu2019-03-09
HRL LaboratoriesScientist V - Theoretical Quantum InformationCalifornia; Malibu2020-02-22
HRL LaboratoriesSenior Full Stack Developer - Data PlatformCalifornia; Malibu2020-02-29
HRL LaboratoriesSenior Software Engineer - Data EngineeringCalifornia; Malibu2020-02-29
HRL LaboratoriesSenior Software Engineer - Quantum ControlCalifornia; Malibu2020-02-29
HRL LaboratoriesTheoretical Quantum InformationCalifornia; Malibu2020-04-18
HRL Laboratories, LLCQuantum Device Data EngineerCalifornia; Malibu2020-07-04
IBMExternal Relations Professional New York; New York2020-06-13
IBMFEOL / BEOL Fabrication Engineer - Quantum Computing New York; Yorktown Heights2020-05-30
IBMIndustry Quantum ConsultantMultiple Cities2020-05-16
IBMIndustry Quantum Consultant (Telecom Market)Multiple Locations2020-06-20
IBMIndustry Quantum Consultant (Travel & Transportation MarketsMultiple Cities2020-07-04
IBMIndustry Quantum Consultant, Automotive and Aerospace & Defense
Multiple Locations2020-06-20
IBMIndustry Quantum Consultant, Electronics MarketMultiple Locations2020-06-20
IBMIndustry Quantum Consultant, Public / Government SectorMultiple Locations2020-06-20
IBMPrincipal Data Scientist - Financial Services Sector IndustryMultiple Locations2020-06-13
IBMPrincipal Data Scientist - Industrial Discrete Sector IndustryMultiple Locations2020-06-13
IBMPrincipal Data Scientist - Industrial Process Sector IndustryMultiple Locations2020-06-13
IBMPython Generalist Developer IBM QuantumMulitple Locations2020-06-13
IBMQiskit Developer Community AdvocateCalifornia; San Francisco2020-04-25
IBMQuantum Commercial Alliance LeadNew York; Yorktown Heights2020-03-14
IBMQuantum Computing Applications ResearcherNew York; Yorktown Heights2020-03-21
IBMQuantum Data Scientist - Financial Services SectorNew York; Yorktown Heights2020-07-04
IBMQuantum Data Scientist - Industrial Discrete SectorNew York; Yorktown Heights2020-07-04
IBMQuantum Data Scientist - Industrial Process SectorMultiple Cities2020-07-04
IBMQuantum Principal Data Scientist - Industry Process Sector IndustryCalifornia; San Jose2020-06-20
IBMQuantum Research AdvocateNew York; Yorktown Heights2020-02-15
IBMQuantum Software DeveloperNew York; Yorktown Heights2020-03-07
IBMQuantum Software Developer, Research StaffNew York; Yorktown Heights2020-05-16
IBMQuantum Software Security Engineer & ArchitectNew York; Yorktown Heights2020-05-02
IBMQuantum Solution Architect (Industrial Process)Multiple Locations2020-06-20
IBMQuantum Sr. Solution Architect (Industrial Discrete)Mulitple Locations2020-06-20
IBMQuantum System Characterization EngineerNew York; Yorktown Heights2019-09-28
IBMResearch Staff Member - QuantumNew York; Yorktown Heights2020-03-07
IBMResearch Staff Member - Quantum Computing, Superconducting CircuitsNew York; Yorktown Heights2020-03-28
IBMResearch Staff Member, Quantum CompilerNew York; Yorktown Heights2020-04-25
IBMSenior Quantum Software QA & Test Automation EngineerNew York; Yorktown Heights2020-05-02
IBMSenior Software API Developer, Quantum Computing TechnologyNew York; Yorktown Heights2020-05-30
IBMSenior UX Engineer, IBM Quantum CommunityNew York; New York City or Remote2020-05-09
IBMSoftware API Developer, Quantum Computing TechnologiesNew York; Yorktown Heights2020-05-02
IBMSr. Manager, Global Client Lead and Quantum Applications ResearchNew York; Yorktown Heights2020-01-18
Inside Quantum TechnologySenior Industry Analyst Quantum TechnologyRemote2020-01-18
IonQTheoretical AMO PhysicistMaryland; College Park2020-04-18
JPMorgan ChaseDirector - Senior Researcher New York; New York2020-07-04
JPMorgan ChaseResearch & Development - Quantum Computing, loT, Human Machine
New York; New York2020-07-04
JPMorgan ChaseSoftware Engineer - Quantum ResearchNew York; New York2020-06-13
Keysight TechnologiesQuantum Physicist R&D EngineerMassachusetts; Andover2020-01-25
Keysight TechnologiesR&D SW Engineer - Quantum Engineering SolutionsMassachusetts; Cambridge2020-05-09
Menten.AIDirector, Drug DiscoveryCalifornia; San Francisco or Massachusetts; Boston2020-07-04
Menten.AISenior Engineer, Machine Learning Remote2020-07-04
Menten.AISenior Scientist, Computational Protein DesignRemote2020-07-04
MicrosoftCryogenic Mechanical EngineerWashington; Redmond2020-03-07
MicrosoftPost Doc ResearcherCalifornia; Santa Barbara2019-12-21
MicrosoftPrincipal Site Group Program ManagerWashington; Redmond2020-03-07
MicrosoftPrincipal Software Development Engineer - Quantum CompilerWashington; Redmond2020-03-21
MicrosoftPrincipal Software Development LeadWashington; Redmond2020-04-11
MicrosoftPrincipal Software Engineering ManagerWashington; Redmond2020-02-01
MicrosoftPrincipal Theory and Simulation Program ManagerCalifornia; Santa Barbara2020-06-27
MicrosoftProduct Engineering LeadWashington; Redmond2020-02-22
MicrosoftQuantum Solution ScientistWashington; Seattle2019-10-19
MicrosoftSenior System Software EngineerWashington; Redmond2020-06-13
MicrosoftSoftware Development EngineerWashington; Redmond2020-04-04
MicrosoftSoftware Development Engineer - Quantum Development KitWashington; Redmond2019-12-14
MicrosoftSoftware Development Engineer - Quantum LibrariesWashington; Redmond2020-03-21
MicrosoftSr. Design Verification EngineerWashington; Redmond2020-06-13
MicrosoftSr. Signal Integrity EngineerWashington; Redmond2020-03-07
MicrosoftSr. Software Development Engineer - Azure QuantumWashington; Redmond2019-11-16
MicrosoftSystem Software EngineerWashington; Redmond2020-03-14
Montana InstrumentsChief Operating OfficerMontana; Bozeman2020-05-30
Montana InstrumentsProduct ManagerMontana; Bozeman2020-05-16
Montana InstrumentsSenior Cryogenic Engineer/ScientistMontana; Bozeman2020-04-25
Montana InstrumentsSenior Electrical EngineerMontana; Bozeman2020-05-30
Northrup GrummanQuantum Test Engineer/Principal Quantum Test EngineerMaryland; Linthicum2020-05-23
Principal Physicist/Sr. Principal PhysicistMassachusetts; Linthicum2019-03-16
QC WareProduct ManagerCalifornia; Palo Alto2019-06-08
QC WareQuantum Algorithms ResearcherCalifornia; Palo Alto2019-07-09
QC WareQuantum ChemistCalifornia; Palo Alto2020-01-04
QC WareSales RepresentativeCalifornia; Palo Alto2020-01-04
QC WareSoftware EngineerCalifornia; Palo Alto2018-09-08
Q-CTRLSenior Quantum Control EngineerCalifornia; Los Angeles2019-11-02
QryptHardware Engineer (FPGA)Maryland; Germantown2020-06-27
QuantFiUniversity Research Partner, Quantum Computing for FinanceMultiple Locations2020-05-30
Software DeveloperCanada; Kitchener2020-06-03
Computing Inc.
Quantum Tools EngineerVirginia; Leesburg2020-05-09
RaytheonScientist 1 - Quantum Computing ExperimentalistMassachusetts; Cambridge2019-01-26
RaytheonScientist 1 - Quantum Computing TheoristMassachusetts; Cambridge2019-01-26
Rigetti ComputingFinancial Planning AnalystCalifornia; Berkeley2020-06-27
SAICQuantum Physics Research ScientistMaryland; Laurel2019-08-17
SAICResearch Scientist Sr. PrincipalMaryland; College Park2020-01-25
SeeqcCryogenic Systems EngineerNew York; Elmsford2020-04-11
SeeqcQuantum EngineersNew York; Elmsford2020-04-11
SeeqcSuperconducting Circuit (SFQ) Design and Test EngineersNew York; Elmsford2020-04-11
Toptica PhotonicsQuantum Application ScientistNew York; Farmington2020-04-25
Senior RF EngineerCalifornia; Pleasanton2020-05-16
Xanadu Quantum
Technologies Inc.
Machine Learning/Data EngineerCanada; Toronto2019-11-30
Xanadu Quantum
Technologies Inc.
Quantum Computing EducatorCanada; Toronto2020-06-06
Xanadu Quantum
Technologies Inc.
Quantum Photonic EngineerCanada; Toronto2020-01-04
Xanadu Quantum
Technologies Inc.
Senior Software DeveloperCanada; Toronto2020-03-21
Zapata ComputingGlobal Partner ManagerMassachusetts; Boston2020-03-07
Zapata ComputingQuantum Platform EngineerTexas; Austin2020-06-27
Zapata Computing, Inc.Quantum Software EngineerCanada; Toronto2020-07-04
Zapata Computing, Inc.Quantum Software EngineerMassachusetts; Boston2020-07-04
Zurich InstrumentsApplication Scientist (Quantum Technologies)Multiple; Zurich, Shanghai, or Boston2020-06-03
Zurich InstrumentsApplications Scientist (Physics) Massachusetts; Cambridge2020-03-21