The German Aerospace Center (Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt, also known as DLR) has established a three year program called BASIQ which has a goal of using quantum computing to simulate battery chemistries to better understand the atomic processes involved and pave the way for future improvements in battery performance. Kipu Quantum has been awarded a contract to develop novel algorithms for static and dynamic quantum chemical simulations that can be run on the DLR QCI (Quantum Computing Initiative) quantum computers.

Kipu Quantum’s specialty is to develop optimized algorithms tailored specifically to the problem at hand and the target quantum processor in order to achieve the smallest circuit possible. They assert that this approach will allow them to achieve quantum advantage earlier with nearer term NISQ-level quantum computers that have a limited number of qubits and levels of qubit quality. For this program they will use a digital-analog compression technique to reduce the gate depth by orders of magnitude. Additional information about this award is available in a news release posted on the Kipu Quantum website here and also an article posted on the DLR QCI website here.

November 23, 2023