The round was co-led by Quantonation, Entrada Ventures, and First Momentum Ventures. Kipu Quantum is based in Karlsruhe and Berlin, Germany and is working to provide utilize application-specific quantum computing solutions to provide commercial advantages to customers as soon as possible. They have developed novel algorithmic compression methods along with efforts to create co-design hardware that will slash the number of qubits needed for commercial useful solutions in the NISQ era. The co-founders of Kipu Quantum include Chief Visionary Officer Professor Enrique Solano, Chief Strategy Officer Dr. Tobias Grab, and CEO Dr. Daniel Volz. They will be commercializing ideas that members of the team have been developing during two decades of quantum research. Additional information about Kipu Quantum and this investment is available in a new release posted on the Quantonation website here.

September 17, 2022