In two separate announcements, Pasqal and IonQ announced that they will add their latest processors to Microsoft’s Azure Quantum service. Pasqal indicated that they would make their neutral atom based processor available on Azure Quantum in the second half of 2022. The specific processor that will be attached first hasn’t been finalized, but it will have at least 100 qubits and possible more. This will be the first neutral atom based processor attached to Azure Quantum.

In another announcement, IonQ announced that they will make available their latest generation of processor, named Aria, to Azure Quantum customers soon. Although the company did not disclose the exact number of physical qubits on the device, they indicated that the Aria processor features 20 Algorithmic Qubits (#AQ), which the company believes makes it currently the industry’s most powerful quantum computer based on standard application-oriented industry benchmarks. Aria will join IonQ’s 11 qubit processor which has been available through Azure Quantum for quite some time. The Aria has been in private beta testing with a limited number of customers who have been testing the processor direct through IonQ’s facilities. The company also announced it is expanding their beta test program to allow more customers to try it out.

The announcement from Pasqal regarding their new partnership with Microsoft can be seen here and the announcement from IonQ regarding Aria is available here.

March 21, 2022