We had reported in January 2020 about the formation of the Maryland Quantum Alliance to help encourage and push innovations in quantum technology in the state of Maryland. This organization has now grown to include 10 additional organizations in Maryland and some neighboring states. The new members include the National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST), IBM, Protiviti, Quantopo, Quaxys, Bowie State University, Georgetown University, Pittsburgh Quantum Institute, University of Delaware, and Virginia Tech. This brings the total number of members to 24 and prompted the name changes since some of the new members are located in other U.S. East Coast states. The alliance is led by the University of Maryland in College Park. The other original participants include the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, Morgan State University, Johns Hopkins University, George Mason University, MITRE, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, CCDC Army Research Laboratory, Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin, IonQ, Qrypt, Booz Allen Hamilton and Amazon Web Services. Goals of the alliance are to work together in order to raise public awareness of quantum opportunities and potential, drive new quantum science discovery, develop pioneering quantum technology, support quantum entrepreneurship and startup companies, and train a diverse, world class quantum workforce. For more on this announcement you can read the news release on the University of Maryland website here and also visit Mid-Atlantic Quantum Computing Alliance web page here.

February 18, 2021