Multiverse Computing and Single Quantum have launched a $1.4 million industrial materials science research and development project with the German Aerospace Center’s DLR Quantum Computing Initiative (DLR QCI). The project aims to use quantum simulation to improve the transmission capabilities of superconducting nanowire single photon detectors, which are essential for quantum communications devices. The project is expected to enable quantum applications that outperform classical methods in the short- to mid-term on quantum hardware currently under development. The detectors have multiple use cases, including quantum computing, deep-space communication, and bio-imaging. Multiverse’s quantum algorithm experts will work with hardware engineers at Single Quantum to create an algorithm specifically designed for the DLR QCI’s quantum computers. Single Quantum specializes in fast and highly sensitive light sensors based on a superconducting nanowire single photon architecture.

The project is part of DLR QCI’s Algorithms for Quantum Computer Development in Hardware-Software Codesign (ALQU) effort. The knowledge from this project will be used by other teams within the larger DLR QCI initiative to simulate other materials or conduct additional quantum simulations. The project supports two goals in the ALQU’s work: the efficient compilation of circuits on quantum hardware and the development of quantum algorithms for industrial use. Winning this project strengthens Multiverse Computing’s position in the country’s quantum computing ecosystem and builds on its previous work with other major German companies, including Bosch, ZF, BASF and others.

A press release with additional information has been posted on the Multiverse website here.

February 8, 2024