Quantum Machines has announced it is create a new subsidiary in Germany called QM Technologies GmbH and is setting the subsidiary’s headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany. There is a large amount of quantum activity in Germany and this new subsidiary will help the company access and participate in these projects. This will be Quantum Machines second European hub joining one in Denmark that they obtained in March 2022 when they acquired QDevil. In addition, the company has local teams in US, Canada, France, Japan, and Australia. A press release from Quantum Machines announcing the opening of this new German headquarters can be accessed here.

Alice & Bob is expanding its presence in North America and is opening a Boston area office in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Their Chief Product Officer, Blaise Vignon, will become the President of Alice & Bob, USA and will concentrate on business development. The company indicates that their logical cat qubit architecture could be available as soon as 2024 and this will give them an opportunity to introduce their offers to organizations in North America. The company has also issued a press release with additional information that is available here.

October 27, 2023