The U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is seeking information about the public and private sector marketplace trends, supply chain risks, legislative, policy, and the future investment needs of eight emerging technology areas, including quantum computing. The goal will be to gather ideas from people both in the industry and the general public of ways that can foster economic growth and competitiveness across the Nation that benefit all citizens. Information that the government seeks includes material related to the relevant marketplaces; supply chains; legislative, policy and standards needs; and strategic public-private partnerships to enhance adoption. This will help the government identify, understand, refine, and guide the development of the current and future state of technology in quantum computing and the other seven emerging technology areas. The deadline for responding to the RFI (Request for Information) is January 31, 2022 and the full RFI has been posted on the Federal Register website here.

November 27, 2021