ORCA Computing has acquired the photonics-related assets of the Integrated Photonics Division of GXC (formerly known as GenXComm), including intellectual property and existing technology. Members of the photonics team based in Austin, Texas will be merged with Orca’s own development teams. This group has developed an architecture call a Photonic Tensor Core (PTC) that provides ultra-low loss photonic integrated circuit for photonic communication and computation. They have previous won an Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA) Microelectronics for Artificial Intelligence (MicroE4AI) program award for using this technology for AI and machine learning applications. They had also previously worked with BAE Systems for use in ultra-low latency, ultra-low power systems used in surveillance applications.

GXC’s primary business is providing private cellular network solutions to customers and desired to focus in that area and let the photonics group move to an organizations that is more synergistic with their technology. Orca Computing is a full-stack photonics-based quantum computing company and will be using the acquired technology to advance their progress.

A press release about this acquisition has been posted by Orca on their website here and another press release provided by GXC about their divestiture of this division can be accessed here.

January 30, 2024