Chinese QC startup Origin Quantum Computing has announced that it has put its 72 qubit superconducting processor named Origin Wukong on-line and is offering free access until February 6, 2024. This machine contains 72 computational qubits and also include 126 couplers between the qubits to provide higher qubit fidelity. This third generation processor follows earlier developments of 6 qubit and 24 qubit devices that Origin had developed over the past few years.

Besides the number of qubits in the machine, the only other technical detail we currently see are the T1 and T2 times of 15.22 and 2.23 microseconds, respectively. Average single qubit fidelity is 99.69% and average 2-qubit gate fidelity is 96.27%. The qubits are arranged in a square 12×7 matrix, but at the time this article was posted, it appears that 11 of the 72 qubits are not fully working. These qubit quality metrics are somewhat lower than comparable machines developed by IBM, Google, and Rigetti. (See our Qubit Quality page for details.) Additional information about the release of the Origin Wukong is available in an article posted by the China Daily here and also a product page for Origin Wukong available on the company’s website here.

January 7, 2024