Classiq, a leading quantum software company, and Oxford Quantum Circuits (OQC), a quantum computing hardware company, announced a partnership aimed at making advanced quantum computing more accessible and streamlined for users across research and industry. The partnership aims to unlock the power of quantum by abstracting away complexity for developers. As part of this collaboration, they will partner to further integrate their respective technologies with data centers and HPC (high-performance computing).

The partnership between Classiq and OQC will offer users a smooth flow including modeling, debugging, automatic quantum circuit synthesis, circuit optimization, and execution on OQC’s cutting-edge quantum hardware. Classiq’s platform will be expanded to support executing algorithms optimized for OQC’s quantum processors, providing developers more options to select the right quantum backend for their needs, including the recently announced next-gen OQC Toshiko machine.

Classiq provides an end-to-end quantum software platform that automates the process of developing quantum software and executing it on quantum processors. The company’s proprietary technology automatically synthesizes optimized quantum circuits from functional models, high-level quantum code, or via Pyomo integration. OQC is focused on developing and building enterprise-ready quantum computers based on superconducting qubits.

A press release provided by OQC announcing the partnership can be accessed here.

December 9, 2023