Pasqal, a French company developing a programmable quantum simulator using atomic arrays of neutral atoms based upon research from the Institut d’Optique (IOGS, CNRS) is developing a quantum simulation platform which can operate in two modes: digital (sequence of gates in a quantum circuit) or an analog (sequences of quantum Hamiltonians). In a recent blog posting, they announced that they have completed assembly of a 100 qubit array and are now working to complete assembly of a 200 qubit version. They intend on offering a version of the 200 qubit machine as part of a new cloud computing service by the end of 2021.

3D CAD Model of Pasqal’s QPU, Credit: Pasqal

Pasqal has established a number of partnerships with the latest one being with ParityQC. ParityQC is an Austrian company that specializes in creating architectures that provide for co-design of the quantum hardware and the quantum algorithms to reduce circuit complexity as well as enable parallelizability and tackle the most computationally intensive problems. The two companies believe that ParityQC’s architecture is particularly well suited for the Pasqal’s neutral atom platform. They have started a three year program focusing on using quantum optimization to solve commercially relevant use cases.

Additional detail about Pasqal’s roadmap including a video of their new facility can be found on the Pasqal web site here. A technical paper that provides details about Pasqal’s technology can be found here. And a news release announcing their partnership with ParityQC can be found here.

October 28, 2020