QC Design, a company specializing in quantum computing, has launched Plaquette+, a fault-tolerance design automation software. This tool provides advanced fault-tolerance methods and hardware-specific error models, making it the first industry-grade tool of its kind available to all quantum computer manufacturers. Plaquette+ allows for the design of fault-tolerant quantum computers across all matter and photonic platforms, and can analyze arbitrary hardware imperfections in thousands of qubits.

This software is aimed at enabling hardware manufacturers to design logical-qubit demonstrations and fault-tolerance architectures seamlessly. The company indicates that the software is hardware friendly, provides actionable insights, includes a built-in library of fault tolerance methods, allows fault tolerance experiments to be run on real quantum hardware, and is easy-to-use with extensive documentation and tutorials.

The first sale of Plaquette+ has been made to QuiX Quantum, Europe’s leading company in photonic quantum computing.

Plaquette+ is available via a software license from QC Design. A news release announcing the product is available here.

December 15, 2023