Picture of Quantum Diamond Microscope. Credit:QDM.IO

QDM.IO is a quantum sensor startup with technology that originated from research at Harvard University and the University of Maryland. The Quantum Diamond Microscope uses nitrogen vacancy diamond quantum technology to measure magnetic fields at nanotesla sensitivities with image resolution better than a thousandth of a millimeter and a field-of-view up to about a centimeter. They have already provided pilot units to Oxford University, Washington University, SUNY Buffalo, and New York University. QDM also provides with the unit a Python-based control software called Ferrum that provides a graphical user interface all allows users to set up automated scans. List price for the unit starts at $150,000 with an expected lead-time of a few months. Additional information about the unit is available in a product brochure located on the QDM website here and also a press release announcing the product here.

November 16, 2023