Quantum Simulation Technologies, Inc. (QSimulate) has secured $2.5M in funding from 2xN, UTokyo IPC, and Kyoto iCAP. The investment will bolster QSimulate’s business, which focuses on its quantum physics-based drug-discovery platform, QSP Life. This platform includes QUELO, QuValent, and QuantumFP, which cover various aspects of drug design.

QSimulate employs proprietary quantum physics-based algorithms to predict solutions to large-scale biological problems. Its technology has facilitated the first quantitative application of quantum mechanics to drug design, offering predictions with unparalleled accuracy. This has paved the way for the computational study of new therapeutic classes.

In partnership with Google Quantum AI, QSimulate has contributed to the development of fault-tolerant quantum computing algorithms for chemical, material, and biomolecular problems (see a blog about this work here). This collaboration has laid the groundwork for future algorithm design in the quantum realm, supported by existing QSimulate technologies. The company is also working with JSR Corporation in Japan.

QSimulate’s strategic advancements have positioned the company for the digital discovery era. By integrating physics-based AI, QSimulate’s learning models can distinguish between accurate AI predictions and AI errors in molecular design.

A news release provided by QSimulate announcing the new investment can be accessed here.

November 30, 2023