QUBEC was co-designed by quantum chemists and material scientists and is integrated with Schrödinger’s Maestro chemical modelling interface. It can run on the IBM, Rigetti, and IonQ quantum co-processors through the IBM Quantum Experience and the Amazon Braket platforms. In September 2019, Qu & Co set up a partnership with Schrödinger and users can set up their quantum simulations in Schrödinger’s Maestro user interface and have it use QUBEC to run on a quantum processor. Although the present day quantum computers may not be powerful enough to outperform classical processes, it is expected that more powerful quantum processors will be available in the next few years. An interesting feature in QUBEC, is a function called Q-Time that is a quantum hardware resource estimator. Given a particular problem, Q-Time will estimate the required quantum hardware specifications and estimated wall clock runtime requirements needed to simulate that problem to a desired level of precision. For more about QUBEC, you can read the news release on the Qu & Co website here and to view additional technical details about the product and request beta access to the software researchers can access the QUBEC product page here.

March 16, 2021