We had previously reported in May that Quantum Computing Inc. (QCI) had acquired quantum photonic startup QPhoton and we also reported in July that Quantum Computing Inc. had used the QPhoton device to optimize vehicle sensor placement for a BMW/AWS Quantum Computing Challenge. The company has now announced that it will make the processor, which it now calls the Dirac 1 Entropy Quantum Computing (EQC) system, publicly available over the web through a subscription service. The device is designed to solve optimization problems and works with QCI’s Qatalyst™ software to provide a complete solution. The company will offer several different plans for access that ranges from an introductory program that provides 10 hours of access to a plan that offers full dedicated access to a Dirac 1 machine. The Dirac 1 Entropy Quantum Computer works differently from the gate model machines we see today from the other vendors. The company indicates the devices uses backaction with the environment to evolve the quantum system into a coherence-free sub-space. You can view a video with additional explanation here. The company also indicated that in Q4 of this year, they will launch an even larger processor dubbed Dirac 2 that will be able to solve even larger and more complex optimization problems. Additional information about the processor and QCI’s new subscription plan is available in a news release announcement the launch of the subscription plan here as well as a web page that provides additional information about the Dirac 1 subscription services here.

September 21, 2022