Picture of the Direc-3 Entropy Quantum Computer. Credit: QCI

Quantum Computing Inc. (QCi) has launched Dirac-3, a quantum optimization platform designed to solve complex problems using nonlinear quantum optics. The system encodes a problem into its photonic architecture and modulates the interaction between variables, ultimately finding an optimal solution. Unique to Dirac is its ability to solve integer problems using up to 964 quantum digits (qudits) with each qudit capable of 200 discrete modes, expanding the use of quantum technology beyond quantum bits (qubits). The system is designed to solve complex problems using nonlinear quantum optics. It encodes a problem into its photonic architecture, modulates the interaction between variables through optical feedback loops, and settles into an “optimal solution.” The system is designed for on-premise installations and fits into a 6U rack and requires no special infrastructure. Also, it operates at room temperature and has low power consumption of about 100 watts.

The company is providing a variety of pricing and access options for the machines. They are providing 10 minutes of free time for a trial use of their cloud access to the machine. Heavier use of the machine for one hour starts at $1000 per hour and the price for customers wishing to obtain a device for on-premise use starts at $300,000.

Potential industries that could use this product to solve optimization problems could include healthcare, financial services, supply chain, energy management, autonomous vehicle, and molecular modeling industries.. The market for such quantum optimization machines is growing, with QCi recently contracting with NASA to use Dirac for LiDAR spectral analysis from lower earth orbit.

For more information about this platform, you can view a press release provided by QCI here and you can visit a webpage for it here.

March 1, 2024