Picture of the OPX1000 Quantum Control Solution. Credit: Quantum Machines

Quantum Machines is one of the leaders in providing control electronic solutions for use in quantum processors. They now claim over 200 customers and provide quantum control hardware, software, and other components since they were founded in 2018. They expanded their product portfolio by acquiring QDevil in 2022 and have partnered with providers including Nvidia, Quantware, Partec, and others.

They have now introduced a larger quantum control unit called the OPX1000 for providing the electronic signals to control qubit operations in a quantum processor. It is a big brother to its previous flagship product the OPX+. A single OPX1000 unit can fit into a 3U rack panel space and can provide 64 outputs with 16 inputs. In the next release, a user will be able stack as many as 1000 of these units together (if they have the room!) to create a solution that is able to provide thousands of outputs and inputs for large scale systems that may have hundreds or even thousands of qubits. The OPX1000 includes innovations that Quantum Machines had previously provided with the preceding generation including its Pulse Processing Unit (PPU) technology, the QUA intuitive pulse-level language, and compatibility with DGX-Quantum, a solution co-developed by Quantum Machines and NVIDIA for hardware quantum acceleration.

Additional information about this unit is available in a press release posted on the Quantum Machines website here, a blog article introducing the product here, and a product page located on the Quantum Machines website here.

August 29, 2023