A qubit chip isn’t the only critical component that is needed in a superconducting quantum computer. Another important components is the device that can provide for ultra-low-noise readout of the qubits in order to measure their state. Quantware has just introduced its next generation cryogenic device to do that called the Crescendo-S J-TWPA as well an associated cryogenic holder call Concerto which houses and shields up to six of the Crescendo-S devices. This new generation device is half the size of its predecessor and implements significant manufacturing improvements that with an increase of production capacity by 10X.

The Cresendo-S comes in three different versions, S1, S2, and S3, which provide 16, 18, and 20db of typical gain respectively. A device can sense readouts at frequencies anywhere between 4 and 9 Ghz with a 1 Ghz bandwidth with customizable readout bands upon request. Besides having better gain levels than before, these devices also have improved gain ripple and SNR with 70% quantum efficiency.

Additional information about this new Crescendo-S Josephson Travelling Wave Parametric Amplifier can be seen in a press announcement located here, a webpage for the Crescendo-S amplifier here, a spec sheet for the Crescendo-S amplifier here, and a webpage for the Concerto holder here.

February 8, 2024