Quix 20 Mode Quantum Photonic Chip. Photo Credit: PHIX bv

We had reported earlier this year that Quix had developed a 12 mode photonic chip that was optimized for at the use near-infrared wavelength range (900-970 nm) compatible with quantum dot light sources. Quix has now developed a larger 20 mode version and delivered it to the European PHOQUSING research project. PHOQUSING is a project funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation program. It is coordinated by the Sapienza University of Rome and has a budget of about 3.3 million Euros ($3.44M USD). The project is working to develop useful quantum computation by using a hybrid computational model combine classical and quantum processes. The quantum portion leverages a photonic quantum sampling technique to draw samples from a probability distribution created with linear optical interferometers. More information about this is available in a news announcement available on the PHOQUISING website here.

May 15, 2022