QuTech, a Dutch organization that is a collaboration between the TU Delft and TNO, has introduced a web site where users can simulate various aspects of a quantum internet. At this time, the simulations are performed on a classical computer but it is conceivable that this web site might allow allow users to try experience on real quantum communications hardware sometime in the future. The web site provides graphical animations of various quantum communications operations. There are currently three pre-configured applications available for beginners which include a Distributed CNOT, State Teleportation (also known as Quantum Teleportation), and Quantum Key Distribution (QKD). The website also includes an Application Development Kit for Quantum Network Explorer (QNE-ADK) for researchers who want to build their own experiments. To learn more about the Quantum Network Explorer, you can visit their web site to try out the sample applications, read the documentation, or get instructions on how to install the QNE-ADK software.

November 23, 2021