The HNü 240 camera to be Used for Seeing the Qubits

A new project is set to advance the field of quantum computing by developing imaging systems to measure qubit states, a crucial capability for scaling quantum computers. Quantum computers are built on quantum bits or qubits, which currently lack the power to unlock real-world applications. To overcome this, the quantity and quality of qubits must increase, along with the optical and electronic systems required to operate with qubits and interpret the results.

Steve Brierley, CEO and Founder at Riverlane, emphasized the need to reach a scale where quantum computers can perform approximately a trillion reliable quantum operations, a benchmark referred to as the ‘TeraQuop’. Present-day quantum computers can only execute a few hundred error-free operations. This project aims to bring us closer to the TeraQuop goal, necessitating collaboration with leading companies like Infleqtion and Nüvü Camēras.

The project, titled ‘Scalable Qubit Array Detection for Rydberg Quantum Computers’, will see quantum computing companies Infleqtion and Riverlane team up with imaging systems specialists Nüvü Camēras. The goal is to develop systems that significantly enhance the readout of qubit status.

The partnership between Infleqtion, Nüvü Camēras, and Riverlane will foster collaborative development in this segment of the quantum computing supply chain. It will aid Nüvü Camēras in creating cameras for the next generation of quantum computers, enable Riverlane to outfit its quantum control systems with advanced readout capabilities, and assist Infleqtion in validating the necessary hardware control layer.

The project will focus on neutral atom qubits, the type used in Infleqtion’s quantum computing platform. Accurate knowledge of the state of these atoms is vital for the quantum computer to carry out its operations. This endeavor represents a significant step towards the long-term growth of quantum computing.

Additional details are available in a press release posted on the Riverlane website here.

December 9, 2023