Picture of ORNL’s Summit Supercomputer

Riverlane and Rigetti Computing are collaborating on a project led by the US Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) to explore the integration of quantum computers with large-scale supercomputing centers. The project will build the first-ever benchmarking suite, ‘QStone’, to measure the performance of a joint High-Performance Computing (HPC) + Quantum system. This suite will be run on ORNL’s Summit, the fifth fastest supercomputer in the world.

The quantum components will use simulated hardware based on key elements of Riverlane’s ‘Quantum Error Correction Stack’ and real remote hardware located at Rigetti’s headquarters in California. The project aims to understand how quantum error correction technologies, integrated with quantum hardware, interact with an HPC system. This understanding will help users achieve the full computational benefits of HPC-Quantum integration sooner. The project started in January and will last until September.

The results of the project, including key learnings about interoperability issues and performance from interfacing early quantum devices with HPC-infrastructure, will be published by Riverlane, Rigetti, and ORNL. This will also include insights on whether quantum computers should be installed on-site or can be successfully used through remote access. Also, the QStone benchmark will be made open source soon and available for download.

Riverlane’s mission is to make quantum computing useful sooner by building the Quantum Error Correction Stack to control qubits and correct real-time data errors that prevent today’s generation of quantum computers from achieving useful scale. Their customers include governments, quantum computer hardware companies, and world-leading research labs.

A press release with additional information has been posted on the Riverlane website here.

February 27, 2024