By Carolyn Mathas

SCALINQ and Atlantic Quantum are partnering to accelerate qubit control, characterization, and measurements on state-of-the-art cryogenic hardware.  Using a collaborative R&D and technology development approach, each company brings solid experience that, when combined, will speed technology developments.

Atlantic Quantum’s goal of a fault-tolerant, large-scale quantum computer is supported by its proprietary qubit control technique and a unique hardware architecture. The company claims that this fluxonium-based qubit architecture provides the lowest error rates so far and performs robust operations between qubits with greater accuracy than previously possible. The architecture is the basis of the company’s quantum processors. Building quantum computers using a new circuit that addresses accuracy and scalability from the ground up eliminates tradeoffs that are necessary when trying to solve both issues simultaneously.

SCALINQ is bringing its expertise in cryogenic, microwave devices to the partnership, and is supplying Atlantic Quantum with the cryogenic hardware necessary for its experiments. LINQER SCALINQs packaging solution hosts multiple devices simultaneously and the solution allows them to reliably measure devices repeatedly, and efficiently. It combines flexibility and scalability, supporting a high density of control lines with PCBs that can be customized to fit Atlantic Quantum’s requirements. 

The partnership is expected to provide ongoing compatibility between two companies, while also creating stronger quantum technology development between Europe and the U.S.

Additional information about this announcement is available in a press release provided by SCALINQ that can be accessed here.

October 25, 2023