The funds will be provided to the University of Massachusetts Boston (UMass Boston) and Western New England University by The Innovation Institute at the MassTech Collective, an organization formed by the Massachusetts government to spur innovation in the state, as part of a matching grant program with a total budget of $1,999,774. The three-year project will also include collaborations with three commercial companies, Millimeter Wave Systems, LLC in Amherst, Cohasset’s Quantum Microwave, and JanisULT, located in Woburn. The funds will be used to install a 20 millikelvin dilution refrigerator for state-of-the-art quantum hardware validation and development at UMass Boston and 50 millikelvin refrigerator at Western New England University to develop cryogenic radio frequency (RF) microwave support hardware for use in prototype quantum computers. Additional details are available in a press release posted on the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative’s website here.

April 17, 2022