For those who are regular readers of the Quantum Computing Report, you probably remember our report from last July on Google’s plans to build a 1 million qubit, error corrected quantum computer by the end of the decade and which also described their construction project for a new Quantum AI Campus in Santa Barbara. These were originally announced at Google’s Quantum Summer Symposium on July 22 and July 23, 2020. At its Think I/O developers conference, Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai also described these plans in a presentation that included a visit to the campus by actor Michael Peña who received a brief tutorial on quantum technology while he was there. The campus will include Google’s first quantum data center, their quantum hardware research laboratories, and their own quantum processor chip fabrication facilities. The facilities are now complete and the first personnel have started to move in. Longer term, Google expects the facility to house hundreds of employees and will be investing several billions of dollars to execute on their quantum plans.

Additional information about Google’s announcement can see Sundar Pichai’s keynote address at Think I/O 2021 (the quantum section begins at time 27:45 in the video), a Google blog article titled Unveiling our New Quantum AI Campus and a web page named Discover the Quantum AI Campus with audio clips from several Google engineers.

May 22, 2021