Terra Quantum, a leading quantum software company, has launched TQ42, a unique Quantum Software as a Service platform. This platform makes quantum solutions easily accessible to enterprises across various sectors. TQ42 provides access to Terra Quantum’s advanced quantum algorithms and robust hybrid quantum cloud infrastructure. It offers a streamlined, secure gateway for a range of users, including developers skilled in Python, APIs, and command-line operations.

Currently, TQ42 is available to select companies in beta. After the initial beta period, TQ42’s no-code web interface will be available, empowering a broad spectrum of data scientists and business analysts to create quantum solutions without needing advanced computing or coding expertise.

Markus Pflitsch, CEO of Terra Quantum, stated that TQ42 is a pivotal breakthrough, providing practical access to quantum tools for solving complex, industry-spanning challenges. This platform enables diverse organizations to engage with quantum technology flexibly, marking a significant leap in its adoption and value creation.

Both enterprises and start-ups can leverage TQ42 for enhanced software development, optimized processes, and complex problem-solving. This centralized, enterprise-grade platform supports a variety of applications, from image classification in fault detection to chemical mixer design, supply chain optimization, and financial options pricing simulations.

Florian Neukart, Terra Quantum’s CTO, envisions a world where the sheer power of quantum computing is at everyone’s fingertips, regardless of their current expertise level in the quantum realm. This vision is being realized through the TQ42 platform, which is set to revolutionize the way businesses approach problem-solving and optimization.

Additional information about TQ42 is available on its webpage here. Those wishing to sign up to join the waiting list for participating in Terra Quantum’s beta program can do so here.

December 14, 2023