The Leibniz Supercomputing Centre (LRZ) is collaborating with Munich Quantum Valley (MQV) to procure a quantum computer based on trapped-ion technology. This computer, developed by the Austrian start-up Alpine Quantum Technologies (AQT), uses 20 qubits implemented in an ion trap. The new system will be made available to the seven member organizations of MQV, primarily for conducting research in system software.

The quantum computer is funded by the Bavarian State Ministries for Science and the Arts (StMWK) and for Economic Affairs, Regional Development and Energy (StMWi) with around 9.8 million euros ($10.7M USD) as part of the Hightech Agenda Bavaria.

The new quantum computer offers MQV and the LRZ a wide range of possible application options and supports the development of new software. The objective is to implement new system software and programming environments and evaluate them with the help of practical applications in cooperation with partner companies from MQV’s network.

In addition, the quantum computer will be integrated into the LRZ’s high-performance and supercomputers to accelerate them. Efficient workflows for supercomputing will be developed. Additional development projects are expected to result from the cooperation between AQT and MQV, for example in the areas of control electronics and laser technologies.

For more on this quantum computer sale, you can view a press release posted on the AQT website here.

December 13, 2023