California Governor Gavin Newsome and University of California President Michael Drake have announced that the state has acquired a 700,000 square foot building that was formerly known as the Westside Pavilion which will now be the location of the UCLA Research Park. The facility is located approximately 2 miles from UCLA’s main campus and the rumored price of the acquisition was $700 million. The research park will be the home of the California Institute for Immunology and Immunotherapy at UCLA, the UCLA Center for Quantum Science and Engineering (CQSE), and eventually other programs.

The Center for Quantum Science and Engineering was started in 2018 and it may take as long as 3 years before the facility has been fully built converted for use as a research lab. In the meantime, CQSE will continue participating in the Quantum Leap Challenge Institute for Present and Future Quantum Computation along with UC Berkeley and other universities. CQSE will also continue with several other of its research programs. They had received a $5 million grant from Boeing Corporation in 2022 and a $3 million traineeship grant to from the National Science Foundation in 2021. Additional information about UCLA’s acquisition of this building for the UCLA Research Park is available on news releases posted on the UCLA website here and here.

January 4, 2024