As part of the UK Government’s 2023 Autumn Statement, they have released five key missions that provide more specific goals as a follow-on to the March 2023 release of the UK’s National Quantum Strategy. The National Quantum Strategy called for an investment of £2.5 billion ($3.15B USD) in quantum over the next ten years and a portion of those funds will be utilized to achieve the technical missions outlined below.

  • Mission 1
    By 2035, there will be accessible, UK-based quantum computers capable of running 1 trillion (error-free logical) operations and supporting applications that provide benefits well in excess of classical supercomputers across key sectors of the economy.
  • Mission 2
    By 2035, the UK will have deployed the world’s most advanced quantum network at scale, pioneering the future quantum internet.
  • Mission 3
    By 2030, every NHS Trust will benefit from quantum sensing-enabled solutions, helping those with chronic illness live healthier, longer lives through early diagnosis and treatment.
  • Mission 4
    By 2030, quantum navigation systems, including clocks, will be deployed on aircraft, providing next-generation accuracy for resilience that is independent of satellite signals.
  • Mission 5
    By 2030, mobile, networked quantum sensors will have unlocked new situational awareness capabilities, exploited across critical infrastructure in the transport, telecoms, energy, and defence sectors.

Additional information about these missions is included in a policy paper provided by the UK Department of Science, Innovation, and Technology that can be accessed here.

November 24, 2023