The new Duality Accelerator, based in Chicago, has announced Chuck Vallurupalli as its inaugural senior director and Preeti Chalsani as the deputy director. Since 2018 Mr. Vallurupalli has served as an entrepreneur-in-residence at the Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation and has worked with over 200 startups during his career. Dr. Chalsani who will take on an enhanced role of deputy director of Duality in addition to her current duties as director of industry partnerships for quantum information science—a joint appointment with the Polsky Center and the Chicago Quantum Exchange. Additional details are available in a news release here.

Zapata Computing has added Dana Jones to its Board of Directors. Ms. Jones was formerly the CEO of Sparta Systems, an enterprise company that develops AI applications for life sciences. Honeywell recently acquired Sparta Systems for $1.3 billion in December 2020. Zapata has posted a news release with this announcement on their website here.

The recently formed European Quantum Industry Consortium (QuIC) has named Thierry Botter as its first Executive Director effective as of August 1, 2021. Dr. Botter has been deputy-head of central research and technology at Airbus’ research organization, and head of Airbus Blue Sky, a research team dedicated to pioneering new and emerging technologies. He has been involved with quantum technology for many years and co-led the Airbus Quantum Computing Challenge. A news release with additional information is available on the European Union’s Quantum Flagship website here.

June 23, 2021