Anant Sanchetee has joined Quantinuum as VP, Marketing & Communications. Before joining Quantinuum he was Head of Marketing and Communications at IonQ and has over two decades of sales, communications, and marketing experience at companies including Meta where he was Head of Brand & Product Marketing for several of their product lines as well as several other technology related companies. A LinkedIn post announcing his starting the new position at Quantinuum can be accessed here.

Sumit Kapur will become the Chief Financial Officer at Zapata AI, effective May 20, 2024. He will help to drive the company’s financial strategy, capital allocations, and foster partnerships for expanding the company. Before joining Zapata, Mr. Kapur spent over 11 years as CFO at the 3Degrees Group, a financial services and technology company in the energy sector. And before that he has another 15 years of finance experience at a number of companies including JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, and Goldman Sachs. A press release welcoming him to the company has been posted on the Zapata website here.

Erik Stangerup has been named the Head of European Operations at QunaSys Inc. and CEO of Qunasys Denmark. Mr. Stangerup will help QunaSys, a company headquartered in Japan, forge strong partnerships in Europe and sustain the growth of the European office in Copenhagen, Denmark, which was opened in 2023. Mr Stangerup has over 30 years of sales and business development experience at a variety of technology and life science companies including IBM, Sun Microsystems, Hitachi and others. A press release announcing his arrival and new role at QunaSys has been posted on the company’s website here.

Anat Naschitz has joined the Board of Directors of POLARISqb. She is the Co-founder and CEO of 9xchange, a company that provides a biopharma marketplace to expand the solution space in biopharma dealmaking. She has over 30 years of experience in consulting, law, and investment firms with a focus on the healthcare industry. She has also served on numerous boards in the healthcare industry. Her presence will strengthen the company’s board and help the company expand as they continue to offer their Quantum-Aided Drug Design (QuADD) technology to additional partners. A press release announcing the Ms. Naschitz has been added to the POLARISqb board is available on the company’s website here.

May 17, 2024