Major research is now going into developing fault tolerant quantum computers that can withstand the qubit errors inherent in quantum computing. It is a complex task to understand how a particular code might perform and Xanadu has developed the first simulator that can help. The FlamingPy software contains a variety of built-in error correction codes, decoders, and noise models and also allows you to add your own. Once these items have been selected, the software enables a user to simulate and debug the error-correction performance and provide estimates for the fault-tolerant error thresholds. The software also provides a variety of visualization tools to help a user verify the correctness of their implementation. Xanadu will continue to develop this software and will be adding additional noise models, codes, decoders, and backends in the future. More information about FlamingPy is available in a Twitter thread that you can read here and the FlamingPy documentation that can be accessed here.

May 19, 2022