Zapata AI, formerly Zapata Computing, has publicly closed its merger with Andretti Acquisition Corporation and will start trading on the NASDAQ exchange with the symbol ZPTA on Monday, April 1, 2024. Zapata originally started as a quantum software company but has branched out to also work in the generative AI area. They still do work in quantum and indicate that they are leveraging this experience to provide generative AI solutions to companies in industries including telecommunications, financial services, transportation and logistics, biotech/pharmaceutical and life sciences, automotive OEMs, advanced global manufacturing, and defense and government. One of their key accounts is to provide key data analysis services to improve performance in motorsports events for Andretti Global, (See our previous article titled Zapata and Andretti: A Marriage Made on the IndyCar Circuit for more details.) Andretti Global has common ownership with Andretti Acquisition Corporation through the Andretti family.

Zapata will continue working in the quantum space and may be able to increase its activities there as the quantum hardware becomes more powerful and able to deliver real commercial advantage. But for now the company is concentrating on areas where it can provide near-term real world advantages to customers by leveraging the company’s generative AI capabilities.

A press release announcing the closing of the business combination has been posted on the Zapata website here.

March 28, 2023