We attended the Q2B conference last week for the fourth year in a row. It is both the oldest and largest conference devoted to the business side of quantum computing and is well attended by many people associated with quantum computing. Although the conference held online it still set an attendance record with over 850 attendees from 32 countries with representatives from 403 enterprises, 105 universities and 41 government agencies.

We have to give a lot of credit to the QC Ware team. They made a smart move by pre-recording all the presentations which helped to eliminate all the technical problems (e.g. Your microphone is still on mute!) that we see commonly in online events. It also allowed the presenters to monitor the chat box and answer questions about their presentation in real time. Other nice touches included the announcement of the winners of the Airbus Quantum Challenge and a Quantum Chess tournament that was played over the three day period of the conference. Overall, the event flowed very smoothly. For those who missed any session, the videos will remain online until early January.

The overall tone of the meeting was optimistic with everyone expecting great advances in the technology to be made in the coming years. There were several product announcement made at the conference which we’ve already covered in another article, A Wave of New Product/Feature Introductions: Amazon, D-Wave, Google, IBM, QuiX, Rigetti, Xanadu – Quantum Computing Report.

To supplement our report, we are recommending a blog posting by Zapata titled The 2020 Q2B Quantum Computing Conference in 8 Minutes – Zapata Computing. You can view their report to find out who won the Airbus Quantum Challenge and the Quantum Chess tournament. You can also read some of the user comments about the conference as well as their thoughts about the presentations and developments in the quantum market.

December 16, 2020