Development of a new drug often takes over 10 years and requires an investment exceeding $1 billion. Part of the reason for this is that classical computers cannot accurately simulate the binding of drug molecules to certain proteins in our body that are responsible for a given disease. Many are working on using a quantum computer to do this simulation to the required accuracy. Algorithmiq’s Aurora software will use advanced classical and quantum algorithms that will work by using classical pre-processing to reducing the complexity to model only the most relevant part of the molecule on the quantum processor and then classical post-processing to reduce errors. The company is hoping to demonstrate quantum advantage using this software by next year. A news release from Algorithmiq announcing the launch of Aurora can be seen here.

The company also announced that they have joined the IBM Quantum Network and will work with IBM to reduce the time and cost for drug discovery and development. Algorithmiq has developed post-processing strategies for error mitigation and will also contribute any resultant work from their activities with IBM to the open source library of Qiskit. A news release announcing this work with IBM is available on their web site here.

November 17, 2022