Diagram of AliroNet Software Components

Aliro, a Boston based quantum networking company, has launched a suite of software and services that will allow customers to configure, simulate, and build a quantum network. Although Aliro doesn’t manufacture quantum networking hardware themselves they will work with hardware partners to help their customers select, test, and configure appropriate hardware for their needs. The Aliro is agnostic about which quantum hardware vendor can be used. There are different modes that can be used in a quantum networking including Prepare and Measure, such as the original BB84, which only utilizes the superposition property or entanglement mode uses both superposition and entanglement in the photons that are sent over the network. Although the former is perfectly fine for QKD networks, the entanglement mode can also be used to applications like networking quantum computers or creating networks of quantum sensors.

AliroNet solutions are available in three modes: Emulation mode, Pilot Mode, and Full Deployment mode. Since quantum networking is still a very new technology, it is advisable to end users to start with a program to emulate in software the operation of a quantum network before trying to deploy any hardware. Aliro provides software called Aliro Simulator which does just that. This software provides a means of creating noise models, delay models, protocol tests, realistic simulation, software emulation of the quantum hardware. It will let the user simulate full-stack quantum network protocol emulations with extremely high time resolution, and include the model of classical communications integration, benchmarking, and identifying network bottlenecks.

AliroNet pilot mode allows an end user to configure a small scale pilot network with real hardware. This will include additional software modules AlirOS, AliroController, and Aliro Orchestrator which will control the hardware and manage and run the network. Aliro’s services for this mode including hardware acquisition and installation, protocol tuning, test and optimization, integration, and assessment of the final performance.

And once an end user is satisfied with the operation of a pilot network they can move to full scale deployment which will include the Aliro Operating System and other software along with additional services from Aliro to co-locate the quantum network with a customer’s existing classical network, integrate with the system with the customer’s other IT systems and evaluate use cases and applications.

The pricing for AliroNet will depend upon the number of nodes, network fidelity requirements and other factors, but it will start at $100,000. For more information about AliroNet you can view the press announcement for the product here and also a web page that provides additional technical information here.

October 27, 2022