With a significant portfolio of efforts to provide product and services for the quantum computing market, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is now expanding its quantum initiatives and adding a new AWS Center for Quantum Networking (CQN) to develop offerings for the quantum networking market. Although specific products from this group have yet to be announced, the will be investigating a wide range of quantum networking and quantum security products that will include hardware, software, as well as various quantum resistant encryption offerings.

Amazon has long put an emphasis in cybersecurity and was involved in developing the Post Quantum Cryptography (PQC) algorithms being considered for standardization by NIST for quantum safe key exchange of BIKE (Bit-Flipping Key Encapsulation) and SIKE (Supersingular Isogeny Key Encapsulation). They also have a high interest in networking quantum computers using entangled photons for connecting either multiple quantum processors within the same data center or between quantum processors located in different data centers.

The previously announced Amazon Quantum Solutions Lab which has been working on quantum computing solutions will also be involved in the future with helping customers with their quantum networking implementations. Unlike many companies in the quantum industry, Amazon will be an interesting position because they will have expertise in both quantum computing and quantum networking. This can open up the way for capabilities such as blind quantum computing which provides a way for an end user to submit an encrypted problem to a quantum cloud service for processing in such a way that no one at the cloud service would be able to determine neither the input data to the user’s program nor the actual quantum program itself.

Although the AWS Center for Quantum Computing is located in Pasadena, California, the new AWS Center for Quantum Networking will be located elsewhere with many people in the team based in the Boston area. Additional information about this new quantum initiative at AWS can be found in a news release posted on their website here.

June 21, 2022